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A Nourishing Glyster.

Take Broth made of Sheep's Inwards 10 ounces; Yolks of 3 Eggs; Canary Wine 3 ounces, Juice of Kermes half an ounce, mix.

Some Deny that there are truly Nourishing Glysters; but I incline to the contrary Opinion, 1. Because the Colon hath Lacteal Vessels implanted into it, 'tho not many. 2. I have sundry times observed, that the Glyster of Pomgranate Peels hath been kept in the Body 24 hours, and the next Stool that followed was not liquid, but hard and solid. 3. Hildanus (Cent. 4. Obs. 30.) tells of a certain Woman, who for 6 Weeks took in no Sustenence at her Mouth, but by the benefits of such Glysters, was so well supported, that being great with Child, went out her full time, and was happily brought a bed. 4. P. Borellus (Cent. 1. Obs. 56.) saw a Person made drunk by a Glyster of Wine. And the like I noted before, in Anodyne Glyster. I could produce many more Arguments, but I presume these may abundantly suffice, to prove that there are such things as Nourishing Glysters.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710