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18th Century and Regency Resources

During the course of editing Pascal Bonenfant’s Memoirs I have necessarily needed to do a considerable amount of research into life in 18th Century Britain in general and London in particular. This section of the site is to share some of that research with any who are interested.

The following are available and will be added to in due course:

Searchable Databases

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Thieves’ Cant

Thieves’ Cant and Slang in Georgian London

The Newgate Calendar

Database of allegedly true stories of famous criminals in Newgate Prison.

18th Century Medicine

Medicine and medicinal recipes in the 18th century

London Business Directories

London business directory entries from the 18th century

Anecdotes from London's Clubs, Societies, Coffee Shops and Taverns


London in 1731

Extracts from London in 1731 by Don Manoel Gonzales, published in 1745.

England in 1782

Extracts from the letters of Pastor Charles Moritz in 1782

People and Occupations


The men and women who flew the Jolly Roger in the 18th century.


Helpful advice for servant maids

Other Occupations

More Stuff

The Natural World

Natural phenomena in Georgian Britain.