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This page gathers together various bits of information I have managed to acquire about the cost of living in the 18th century. Prices did vary over time and place and so should be regarded only as approximate.

The main source is Liza Picard's Dr Johnson's London (Phoenix Press, 2000).

Half a loaf1/2d
Supper of bread, cheese and beer3d
Pound of cheese4d - 6d
Dinner of cold meat, bread and a pint of porter6 1/4d
Pound of butter8d - 10d
Pound of fat bacon10d - 1s
Dozen Seville Oranges10d - 1s
Dinner in a steakhouse beef, bread and beer (plus tip)1s
Dish of beef at Vauxhall gardens1s
Pound of Parmesan cheese1s
Whole pig2s 6d
Dinner sent in from a tavern2s 6d
Chicken at Vauxhall gardens2s 6d
Barrel of Colchester oysters3s 3d
Dozen rabbits7s
Enough gin to get drunk1d
Enough gin to get completely plastered2d
Quart of beer4d
Pound of Fry's Drinking chocolate5s
Bottle of Claret at Vauxhall gardens5s
Pound of Coffee4s 9d - 6s
Pound of Tea7s 6d - 16s
Bottle of Champagne at Vauxhall gardens8s
Cloth and Clothing
Pair of men's yarn stockings3s 2d
Working woman's petticoat4s 6d
Pair of women's worsted stockings5s 7d
Working woman's pair of stays6s
Working woman's gown6s 6d
Pair of men's lace ruffles16s
Pair of men's silk stockings17s 4d
Beaver hat£1 1s
Pair of velvet breeches£1 10s
Sack dress£1 10s 6d
Pair of stout silk-knit breeches£1 12s
Suit of Clothes for clerk in public office£4 10s
Man's suit£6 - £8
Pound of Hair Powder5d
Wigs10s 6d - £1 15s
Silver hilted sword£5
Silver watch£5 5s
14 1/2 yards of Indian sprigged muslin9s
Yard of mechlin lace13s 10d
Yard of brocaded silk18s 6d