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Coffee Houses

Coffee Houses were an integral part of London life in the 18th century. There were hundreds ranging from respectable centres of business to brothels. There was a coffee shop for every taste.

The following table lists some of the more famous

Coffee HouseLocationClienteleNotes
Bedford'sUnder the Piazza, Covent Garden Literary men - Fielding, Hogarth, GoldsmithTook over from Button's mid-century
Button'sRussell St, Covent GardenLiterary MenLiterati moved from Will's, c. 1712
Cocoa-TreePall MallHaunt of Tory politicians 
Garraway'sChange AlleyRespectable Businessmen 
Graecian'sDeveraux Court, The StrandIntelligensia - Newton, Halley, Sloane 
Jonathan'sChange AlleyStock Jobbers and Speculators 
King'sCovent GardenYoung Bloods 
Lloyd's16 Lombard StUnderwriters of ships and cargoesBefore 1727 the actual underwriting was done in the Exchange
St JamesPall MallHaunt of Whig politiciansJonathan Swift received mail here
White's37-38 St James StreetGamblersBecame a private club circa 1773
Will'sRussell St, Covent GardenLiterary Men/GamblersLiterary until 1712 then the literati moved to Button's. Became card player's coffee shop