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This page gathers together various bits of information I have managed to acquire about the cost of living in the 18th century. Prices did vary over time and place and so should be regarded only as approximate.

Poor people

Budget for a poor family

From 1734 we have the following weekly budget for a poor man, his wife and four children

Bread 4 1/2d
Butter 1 1/2d
Roots, salt, sugar, etc1 1/2d
Cheese 3/4d
Milk 3/4d
Small and strong beer 4 1/2d
Coal 2d
Soap, candles and thread6d
Rent (2 rooms) 1s 6d
Total 3s 9 1/2d

Rich Merchants and Traders

Annual Income

£400 - £600 per annum.

Annual Expenses

Expenses for a man, his wife, four children and a maidservant.

Household expenses£122 10s