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A Purging Infusion.

Take Senna 1 ounce; white Tartar powder'd half an ounce; Elder flower water, white Wine, each half a pint; infuse warm and close in a glass, or glased (but not Brass) Vessel, 12 hours: To 12 ounces of it clear strain'd, add Syrup of Succory with Rhubabr 4 ounces; Oil of Aniseed and Oil of Nutmeg, each 2 drops, mix.

Senna (saith Fr. Sylvius) is a kindly, gentle Medicine, if given either in Substance or Infusion; but decocted is not so, for then its apt to cause Gripes, especially in such as abound with austere and acid Humours.

This Infusion will fit Children, as well as grown People; for it operates very friendly, and yet effectually. If any Constitution call for it stronger, a few grains of powder'd Scammony may be added (when cold) to each Dose. The Dose to grown Persons, is 3,4, or 5 ounces. Hence it may easily be proportion'd for all Ages.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710