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An Apoplectic Glyster.

Take Pellitory of Spain half an ounce; Coloquintida (tied up in a rag) half a dram; Rue 2 handfuls; boil in Water to 12 ounces; and to the strain'd add Infusion of Crocus Metallorum 3 ounces; Tincture of Castor half an ounce; Salt Gem, Oil of Amber, each 2 drams; mix.

If the Coloquintida be not tied up in a rag, its little dust that boils off, will cause most horrid Gripings, which I should never have imagined it could, had not Experience assur'd me of it, saith Ettmuller.

Its very conductive in Soporose Affections as Lethargy, Coma, Apoplexy and the Palsy. But if it stay not with the Patient, it must be repeated again: For its no unusual thing in these Cases, for the Glysters to come slip away presently, by reason that the Intestines having their Fibres benummed, and paralytically relaxed, lose their retentive Faculty.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710