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An Epileptic Infusion.

Take Misselto cut and bruis'd 4 ounces; juice of Rue 1 ounce; Brandy 4 ounces; Spring water 28 ounces; Salt of Tartar 2 scruples; infuse in a gentle heat 12 hours: Let the strain'd subside, 'till depurated, which decant and sweeten with Syrup of Piony compound 4 ounces.

Mr. Boyle (usefulness of Philos. p. 175) relates an History of a radicated Epilepsy cured by Misselto of an Oak. But for ought I know, its only the Superstition of the Druids, and scarcity of that of the Oak, which gives it the preference before that of Hazel, white Thorn, Lime, Apple or even Crabtree.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710