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Cephalic Powder.

Take Powder de Gutteta, native Cinnaber prepared, each half an ounce, mix.

By this Powder de Gutteta (faith the Communicator) is meant that which Sir Theodore Mayern describes in Capite de Epilepsia (which see after) for it very much excells that of Riverius. 'Tis a Specific in Convulsive Affections, Vertigo, Clowdiness and Headach.

Its an Observation worth noting, that pertinacious pains of the Head, almost to Madness, have been happily Cured (when other means had been to no purpose) with this Pulvis de Gutteta alone, and an infusion of Primrose flowers, Betony or Thea.

Its a memorable History of a young Gentlewoman of note among us, who permitting a little Dog that was Mangey and Mad, to lie in Bed with her, was so contaminated by the Effluvia passing from him, and perhaps by his venemous Saliva also, that she fell into Convulsive Motions, and an Hydrophobia; and (marvellous to relate) could not forbear Barking like a Dog Night and Day. She having consulted divers Physicians, among other Remedies took this Cephalic Powder with relief, and after some time recovered her former Health. Thus the Communicator.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710