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Chalybeate Water.

Take clean Filings of Needles, and white Tartar powder'd, each 4 ounces; Spring water 1 gallon; stir it well together, and either let it stand cold 14 days; or (if you want it sooner) digest it three days in a moderate heat, in an Oven. Then carefully decant the clear, and keep it for use in Bottles, not corked close, but ty'd over with a Paper only, for if it be kept close corked, or too long, it will corrupt, and stink, and be unfit for use: But if it should, that inconvenience will not be great, since its not very chargeable still to make fresh.

Dr.Willis's Preparation to Steel (to be found in Dr. Harris's Pharmacologia) gave me the first hint of making this Liquor; which is highly impregnated with both Sulphur and Salt of the Mineral, and may not inconveniently be given in form of a pleasant Julep, thus:

Take Chalybeate Water 1 pint; Water of Mint and Wormwood compound, each 2 ounces; Magistral Worm water, Gentian compound, Syrup of the five opening Roots, each 4 ounces; mix, and give 6 Spoonfuls twice a day.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710