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Chalybeate Wine.

Take clean Filings of Needles (without mixture of Pin-dust) 2 ounces; Juice of 8 sowr Oranges; Let it stand 24 hours, then add White wine 2 quarts; Cinnamon half an ounce; Cloves 2 drams; Mace 4 scruples; digest and strain. If it be done cold, the Wine will be the fresher, but the longer in doing.

In the Chalybeate Syrup, you have also the preparation of another very good Chalybeate Wine; which see.

Whatever Virtue Steel can give out in Wine, this intirely possesses. Some there are, who conceiting that the principal use of Steel consists in destroying of Acids, are vehemently set against preparing it with Acids. But if they would serve their Hypothesis less, and consult Experience more, they would. be certainly convinc'd, that Acids are the best Key to unlock Chalybeates with.

Of the Virtues and Use of Steel, more may be seen in Chalybeate Powder: To which I shall here add, that if the primary Intention be to correct the deprav'd ferment of the Stomach, Chalybeate Electuaries, or Powders are most proper Forms; but if exalting of the Blood, opening Obstructions, and rectifying the Habit of the Body be the design, then Wine is more eligible. The Dose is to 3 ounces twice a day.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710