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Comfrey Powder compound.

Take the root of Comfrey that bears a red flower, Mouse Flesh dried in an Oven, Hogs claw, Bucks priapus, each as much as you please, make a powder of all and mix.

It's said to be a well Experimented, and almost infallible Secret, against involuntary Pissing a Bed.

Incontinence of Urine in old Folks is common, and is mostly uncurable. In Children it frequently goes off, as Years and Strength come on, but it ought to be before the 25th Year, for if it pass that time, there's danger of its being an utterly uncurable Malady.

Give 1 scruple or half a dram in a glass of white Wine, Evening and Morning 3 or 4 Days about the time of New and Full Moon. Thus goes the traditional Direction. But I should rather give it with a Decoction of Agrimony, or Solomon's Seal root. You may also apply a corroborating Plaister to the Region of the Loins, and another to the Os Pubis.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710