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Edulcorating Powder.

Take Lemnian Earth 1 scruple; red Coral, Crabs Eyes, Egg and Oister-shells,each 5 grains; powder and mix all.

Wheresoever there's an Acid offending in the Stomach or Intestines, these absorbing and Concentrating Medicines have place, but whether or no that be found beyond the first Passages, I am not sufficiently assur'd.

Its observable, I confess, that Flesh Broths, if kept 'till they corrupt, grow sowr, and thence perhaps a probable Argument may be drawn to prove that Animal Juices shut up, and corrupted in the uttermost recesses of the Body, may contract Acidity. But this granted, it in no wise follows, that edulcorating Earths are able to correct those Juices, lodged up at so great a distance out of the way, for its most likely, their dusty Particles spend thier whole force in the first Passages, being utterly unfit to enter the Mouths of the Lacteal Veins, and sl get into the Mass of Blood; or (if they were there) to pass through the Glands and many fine Strainers to arrive into the remote Habit of the Body.

If we consult Experience, that most certainly tells us, that small Children are apt to abound with noxious Acids in their Bowels: That a great part of their Maladies are to be hence accounted for, and that consequently their Cure is to be fetched from Testaceous, and Cretaceous Medicines; and these are so proper and peculiar to this Age, that I have very rarely known them given to Infants in acute Distempers, skilfully, and in sufficient quantity, but that commendable Success hath followed. On the other side, I confess, I have seldom seen them do much good to grown Persons. I reckon it therefore an establish'd Axiom, that Testaceous and Cretaceous Things are appropriated to Children, and to Illnesses in the first Passages, but signifie not so much to grown People, and Distempers of the Blood, and more remote Juices.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710