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hysteric Powder.

Take roots of white Bryony 1 dram; Piony rose bearing a white flower 2 drams; Castor 2 scruples; Salt of Amber 1 scruple; Oil of Amber 4 drops, make a Powder.

It not only correcteth and lasheth the disorderly Spirits (as before said of the Hysteric julep) but moreover extricates them from their Heterogeneous Copula, and depurates them; adds Strength to the Brain it self, roborates the whole Nervous System. And upon these Accounts, useth to be a great help, then especially to Hysteric Women, when the Brain it self is chiefly affected; and the Distemper threatens running over to an Epilepsy. The Dose is half a dram.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710