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Joel's Hydromel.

Take Zedoary half an ounce; Gum Ammoniac (not strain'd) 2 drams; Flour of Sulphur 3 drams; clarify'd Honey 2 ounces; Water i pint; boil (without scumming it) to 12 ounces; at the latter end, adding Saffron 12 grains; and when its quite cold strain it off.

It very potently incides, liquifies and brings off tough Phlegm, that by stuffing up the pneumonia Passages, causeth an Orthopnaea and moist Asthma. But whenever it be convenient in a dry, convulsive, feverish Asthma, during the Fit I am scarcely satisfy'd; but I am inclin'd to believe in that Case, it may give the Blood too much Fervour, increase the Orgasm of the Humours, and consequently make the Fit greater.

You may give the Patient a spoonful or 2 often.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710