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Peptic Powder.

Take Seeds of Coriander half an ounce; Anise, swees Fennel, each 4 scruple; Nutmeg half a dram; Cinnamon, Cloves, each I scruple; long Pepper half a scruple, white Sugar 1 ounce, of these make a Powder for 16 Doses.

Its most commodiously us'd, when after Meals happen Ilness, Nauseousness, Belching, Heaviness, Tension, Inflation, and fulness of the Stomach. As also flushings in the Cheeks, Listlesness, Drowziness, Headach, and other the like Signs of bad Digestion.

For Aromatics correct slimy Phlegm in the ventricle, and by their volatile, oleose, quick Salt, include and attenuate it, kindly deterge the Plice and Ville of the Stomach, and resuscitate native Heat, upon which, Appetite and Digestion return of course.

The way I most use in giving it is, to have it sprinkled upon a Toast dipt in Wine; and so eaten presently after Dinner and Supper.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710