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Tilingius his Powder.

Take Crystals of Tartar, Pearch stone, Crabs Eyes, each 1 dram; Salt of Amber half a dram; white Sugar 3 drams and half; make a Powder adding Oil of Aniseed 5 drops.

Its used in Nephritic Cases. The Dose is from half a dram to 1 dram.

Take roots of Tormentile 2 drams; Spanish Angelica, Virginia Snake root, Contrayerva, Zedoary, Spikenard, Saffron, each 1 scruple; Mace half a dram; Camphire, Opium, each 15 grains; make all carefully into a well mix'd fine Powder.

By Malignity (saith Ettmuller) we can conceive nothing else, but an Acrimony in such Excess, that its vehemently Operative, even in the least quantity imaginable; which makes upon the Nervous System, an highly destructive preternatural Impression. And brings on the Humours, a putredinous Mutation of their proper Texture. Concerning the Operandi ratio of Alexipharmacs, see the Decoction called Sacrum.

It emulates the Virtues of Treacle. One scruple of it contains one grain of Opium.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710