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A Jew, punished for breaking the Christian Sabbath.

AT the same sessions wherein Alsop the midshipman, and the seamen were found guilty of committing a riot, this. unbeliever was convicted of being a sabbath-breaker and profaner of the Lord's Day, in permitting card-playing on Sunday, at his house in Duke's-Place, for which crime he was fined thirteen shillings and four-pence, and imprisoned three months in Wood-Street Compter.

The son of Israel pleaded, that Sunday was not his Sabbath; but it was replied, that as he was permitted, unmolested, to turn Saturday into Sunday, he surely might behave with decency on the Christian's day of rest and prayer.

Thus Jews, in a Christian country, lose a day in each week: but, aided by activity and cunning, they frequently do, more (in their way) in five days, than we do in six.