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18th Century Thieves Cant
Animals : Birds
BIDDYa Chicken.1737
BIDDY, or CHICK-A-BIDDYA chicken, and figuratively a young wench.1811
BUBBLY JOCKA turkey cock. SCOTCH.1811
CACKLERA hen.1811
CACKLING-CHEATSChickens, Cocks or Hens.1737
CAPONA castrated cock, also an eunuch.1811
CARRIERSPigeons which carry expresses.1811
CHURCH WARDENA Sussex name fora shag, or cormorant, probably from its voracity.1811
COBBLE COLTERA turkey.1811
COBBLE-COLTERa Turkey. A rum Cobble-colter, a fat large Cock-Turkey.1737
GALANEYa fowl.1819
GOBBLERa Turkey-Cock.1737
GOBBLERA turkey cock.1811
ROGER, or TIB OF THE BUTTERYA goose. Cant. Jolly Roger; a flag hoisted by pirates.1811
SUCKING CHICKENA young chicken.1811
SWISH TAILA pheasant; so called by the persons who sell game for the poachers.1811
TIB OF THE BUTTERYA goose. CANT. Saint Tibbs evening; the evening of the last day, or day of judgment: he will pay you on St. Tibbs eve. IRISH.1811
Animals : Cats and Dogs
BUFEA dog. Bufes nob; a dogs head. CANT.1811
BUFFa Dog.1737
BUFFERa dog.1819
BUGHERa Dog.1737
CHERRY-COLOURED CATA black cat, there being black cherries as well as red.1811
GRIMALKINA cat: mawkin signifies a hare in Scotland.1811
JUGELOWa dog.1819
MALKIN, or MAULKINA general name for a cat; also a parcel of rags fastened to the end of a stick, to clean an oven; also a figure set up in a garden to scare the birds; likewise an awkward woman. The coves so scaly, hed spice a malkin of his jazey: the fellow is so mean, that he would rob a scare-crow of his old wig.1811
PUGA Dutch pug; a kind of lap-dog, formerly much in vogue; also a general name for a monkey.1811
RAM CATA he cat.1811
RUM BUGHERA valuable dog. CANT.1811
RUM-BUGHARa very pretty and valuable Dog.1737
TIBBYA cat.1811
TYKEA dog, also a clown; a Yorkshire tyke-1811
Animals : Cattle
BATTENERan Ox; The Cove has hushed the Battener; i.e. He has killed the Ox, in revenge on some Farmer, who, perhaps, had got him sent to the House of Correction.1737
BATTNERAn ox: beef being apt to batten or fatten those that eat it. The cove has hushed the battner; i.e. has killed the ox.1811
BLATERA calf. Cant.1811
CHURKThe udder.1811
COWS BABYA calf.1811
COWS SPOUSEA bull.1811
COWS-BABYa Calf.1737
ESSEX LIONA calf; Essex being famous for calves, and chiefly supplying the London markets.1811
MOWERa Cow.1737
MOWERA cow.1811
QUAKING CHEATa Calf or Sheep.1737
QUAKING CHEATA calf or sheep.1811
SCOTA young bull.1811
STAGGERING BOB, WITH HIS YELLOW PUMPSA calf just dropped, and unable to stand, killed for veal in Scotland: the hoofs of a young calf are yellow.1811
Animals : Horses
GALLOPERA blood horse. A hunter. The toby gill clapped his bleeders to his galloper and tipped the straps the double. The highwayman spurred his horse and got away from the officers.1811
GROGHAMA horse. CANT.1811
JACKEDSpavined. A jacked horse.1811
JOHNNY BUMA he or jack ass: so called by a lady that affected to be extremely polite and modest, who would not say Jack because it was vulgar, nor ass because it was indecent.1811
KEFFALa Horse.1737
KEFFELA horse. WELSH.1811
KINGS WOOD LIONAn Ass. Kingswood is famous for the great number of asses kept by the colliers who inhabit that place.1811
PIPERA broken winded horse.1811
PRADA horse. The swell flashes a rum prad: the e gentleman sports a fine horse.1811
PRADA horse.1819
PRANCERa Horse.1737
PRANCERA horse. Prancers nab.; a horses head, used as a seal to a counterfeit pass. At the sign of the prancers poll, i.e. the nags head.1811
QUEER PRANCERA bad, worn-out, foundered horse; also a cowardly or faint-hearted horse-stealer.1811
QUEERE-PRANCERa foundered Jade, an ordinary low prized Horse: also a cowardly or faint hearted Horse-stealer.1737
QUITAMAquitam horse; one that will both carry and draw. LAW WIT.1811
RIPA miserable rip; a poor, lean, worn-out horse. A shabby mean fellow.1811
ROARERA broken-winded horse.1811
RUM PRANCERA fine horse. CANT.1811
RUM-PRANCERa very beautiful Horse.1737
SCARLET HORSEA high red, hired or hack horse: a pun on the word HIRED.1811
SNICKERA glandered horse.1811
SPANISH, or KING OF SPAINS TRUMPETERAn ass when braying.1811
STAR GAZERA horse who throws up his head; also a hedge whore.1811
TITa Horse; also a young prim Lass.1737
TITA horse; a pretty little tit; a smart little girl. a *** or tid bit; a delicate morsel. Tommy tit; a smart lively little fellow.1811
WILLING TITA free horse, or a coming girl.1811
WILLING-Tita little Horse that Travels chearfully; also a coming Girl.1737
Animals : Other Animals
LONG ONEA hare; a term used by poachers.1811
PANTERA hart: that animal is, in the Psalms, said to pant after the fresh water-brooks. Also the human heart, which frequently pants in time of danger. CANT.1811
SEA LAWYERA shark.1811
Animals : Pigs
GRUNTERa sucking Pig.1737
GRUNTERA hog; to grunt; to groan, or complain of sickness.1811
PORKERA hog: also a Jew.1811
SOUNDERSA herd of swine.1811
SOWS BABYa Pig.1737
SOWS BABYA sucking pig.1811
SWING TAILA hog.1811
Animals : Related Terms
CACKLERS KENA hen roost. CANT.1811
EVESHen roosts.1811
EVILA halter. Cant, Also a wife.1811
KIPThe skin of a large calf, in the language of the Excise-office.1811
Animals : Sheep
BLEATING CHEATA sheep. Cant.1811
HAVILA sheep. CANT.1811
KNAPPERS POLLA sheeps head. CANT.1811
RUM BLEATING CHEATA fat wether sheep. CANT.1811
RUM-BLEATING-CHEATa very fat Weather. [[See Bleating-Cheat]]1737
TUPA ram: figuratively, a cuckold.1811
WOOLBIRDA sheep. CANT.1811
Animals : Vermin
CHATTSLice. To Squeeze the Chatts; To crack or kill those Vermin.1737
CHATTSLice: perhaps an abbreviation of chattels, lice being the chief live stock of chattels of beggars, gypsies, and the rest of the canting crew. CANT.1811
CRAB LOUSEA species of louse peculiar to the human body; the male is denominated a cock, the female a hen.1811
LIGHT TROOPSLice; the light troops are in full march; the lice are crawling about.1811
LIVE STOCKLice or fleas.1811
LOUSEA gentlemans companion. He will never louse a grey head of his own; he will never live to be old.1811
SCOTCH GREYSLice. The headquarters of the Scotch greys: the head of a man full of large lice.1811
SILVER LACEDReplete with lice. The coves kickseys are silver laced: the fellows breeches are covered with lice.1811