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18th Century Thieves Cant
Disease : Disease
BUBEthe Pox. The Mort tipt the Bube upon the Cully; The Wench has clapped the Fellow.1737
BUBEThe venereal disease.1811
BURNERA clap. The blowen tipped the swell a burner; the girl gave the gentleman a clap.1811
BURNTpoxed, or clapt.1737
BURNTPoxed or clapped. He was sent out a sacrifice, and came home a burnt offering; a saying of seamen who have caught the venereal disease abroad. He has burnt his fingers; he has suffered by meddling.1811
CANNIKINthe Plague.1737
CANNIKINA small can: also, in the canting sense, the plague.1811
COMMON-GARDEN-GOUTor rather Covent-Garden-Gout, the Foul Disease.1737
COVENT GARDEN AGUEThe venereal disease. He broke his shins against Covent Garden rails; he caught the venereal disorder.1811
CRINKUMSthe foul Disease.1737
CRINKUMSThe foul or venereal disease.1811
DRIPPERa sort of Clap, or venereal Gleet.1737
DRIPPERA gleet.1811
DROPPING MEMBERA mans yard with a gonorrhoea.1811
DRURY LANE AGUEThe venereal disorder.1811
DUMB WATCHA venereal bubo in the groin.1811
FLAP DRAGONa Clap or Pox.1737
FLAP DRAGONA clap, or pox.1811
FRENCH DISEASEThe venereal disease, said to have been imported from France. French gout; the same. He suffered by a blow over the snout with a French faggot-stick; i.e. he lost his nose by the pox.1811
FRENCH GOUTthe Pox. A Blow with a French Faggot stick, when the Nose is fallen by the Pox1737
FRENCHIFIEDclapt or Poxt.1737
FRENCHIFIEDInfected with the venereal disease. The mort is Frenchified: the wench is infected.1811
HADDUMSThe Shark has been at Haddams; He is clapt or poxed.1737
HADEMHe has been at Hadem, and came home by Clapham; said of one who has caught the venereal disease.1811
OYSTERA gob of thick phlegm, spit by a consumptive man; in law Latin, UNUM VIRIDUM GOBBUM1811
PEPPEREDInfected with the venereal disease.1811
PEPPERED OFFsoundly clapt or Poxt.1737
PISSING PINS AND NEEDLESTo have a gonorrhea.1811
POULAINa Bubo.1737
POWDERING TUBThe same as pickling tub. See PICKLING TUB.1811
POWDERING-TUBthe pocky Hospital at Kingsland near London.1737
QUEER AS DICKS HATBANDOut of order, without knowing ones disease.1811
RUNNING HORSE, or NAGA clap, or gleet.1811
SCALDERA clap. The cull has napped a scalder; the fellow has got a clap.1811
SCOTCH FIDDLEthe Itch.1737
SCOTCH FIDDLEThe itch.1811
SCRUBADOthe Itch.1737
SCRUBBADOThe itch.1811
SHANKERA venereal wart.1811
SNUFFLESA cold in the head, attended with a running at the nose.1811
SPANISH GOUTThe pox.1811
SPANISH-GOUTthe Pox.1737
SUNBURNTClapped; also haying many male children.1811
TOKENThe plague: also the venereal disease. She tipped him the token; she gave him a clap or pox.1811
TOKENSthe Plague; also Presents from one to another; also a Farthing. Not a Token left; Not a Farthing remaining. Tom Fools token; Money1737
VENUSS CURSEThe venereal disease.1811
WAPPER-EYEDthat has sore or running Eyes.1737
WELSH FIDDLEor Scotch-Fiddle; the Itch.1737
Disease : Vomiting
ACCOUNTSTo cast up ones accounts; to vomit.1811
ADMIRAL OF THE NARROW SEASOne who from drunkenness vomits into the lap of the person sitting opposite to him. SEA PHRASE.1811
HASHTo flash the hash; to vomit. CANT.1811
SH-T-NG THROUGH THE TEETHVomiting. Hark ye, friend, have you got a padlock on your a-se, that you sh-te through your teeth? Vulgar address to one vomiting.1811
TO CASCADETo vomit.1811
TO CAT, or SHOOT THE CATTo vomit from drunkenness.1811
To FLASH THE HASHTo vomit. CANT.1811
To FLAY, or FLEA, THE FOXTo vomit.1811
TO SHOOT THE CATTo vomit from excess of liquor; called also catting.1811