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18th Century Thieves Cant
Sex : Brothels
ACADEMYa Bawdy House; a Receptacle for all sorts of Villains, where the Young Ones are initiated in the Canting Language, and all manner of Cheats and Impostures, and sorted into Tribes and Bands, according to their several Capacities for Mischief.1737
ACADEMY, or PUSHING SCHOOLA brothel. The Floating Academy; the lighters on board of which those persons are confined, who by a late regulation are condemned to hard labour, instead of transportation.--Campbells Academy; the same, from a gentleman of that name, who had the contract for victualling the hulks or lighters.1811
CAVAULTING SCHOOLa Bawdy-house.1737
NANNY HOUSEA brothel.1811
NANNY-HOUSEa Bawdy-house.1737
NUGGING-HOUSEA brothel.1811
NUNNERYA bawdy house.1811
PUSHING SCHOOLA fencing school; also a brothel.1811
PUSHING-SCHOOLa Fencing-School; also a Bawdy house.1737
SCHOOL OF VENUSa Bawdy-house.1737
SCHOOL OF VENUSA bawdy-house.1811
SERAGLIETTOa lousy, vile, sorry Bawdy-house, a meer Dog-hole.1737
SERAGLIOa Bawdy-house; so called from the Great Turks Palace.1737
SERAGLIOA bawdy-house; the name of that part of the Great Turks palace where the women are kept.1811
SMUGGLING KENA bawdy-house.1811
SMUGGLING-KENa Bawdy-house.1737
SNOOZING KENA brothel. The swell was spiced in a snoozing ken of his screens; the gentleman was robbed of his bank notes in a brothel.1811
VAULTING SCHOOLA bawdy-house; also an academy where vaulting and other manly exercises are taught.1811
VAULTING-SCHOOLa Bawdy-house.1737
Sex : Madams and Pimps
ABBESS, or LADY ABBESSA bawd, the mistress of a brothel.1811
AUNTa Bawd, or Procuress; a Title of Eminence for the Senior Dells, who serve for Instructresses, Midwives, etc., to the Morts.1737
AUNTMine aunt; a bawd or procuress: a title of eminence for the senior dells, who serve for instructresses, midwives, &c. for the dells. CANT. See DELLS.1811
BAWDa Female Procuress.1737
BAWDA female procuress.1811
BEARD-SPLITTERa Whore-master.1737
BROTHER of the Gussita Pimp, Procurer; also a Whore-master.1737
BULLas, a Town Bull, a Whore-master.1737
BUTTOCK BROKERA bawd, or match-maker. CANT.1811
BUTTOCK-BROKERa Bawd, also a Match-maker.1737
COCK BAWDA male keeper of a bawdy-house.1811
COCK PIMPThe supposed husband of a bawd.1811
COCK-BAWDa Man who follows that base Employment, of procuring; a Pimp.1737
COCK-PIMPa supposed Husband to a Bawd.1737
COVESSthe mistress of a house or shop, and used on other occasions, in the same manner as Cove, when applied to a man.1819
MACKARELa Bawd.1737
MACKERELA bawd: from the French maquerel. Mackerel- backed; long-backed.1811
MADAMA kept madam; a kept mistress.1811
MOTHERa Bawd.1737
MOTHER, or THE MOTHERA bawd. Mother abbess: the same. Mother midnight; a midwife. Mother in laws bit; a small piece, mothers in law being supposed not apt to overload the stomachs of their husbands children.1811
PIMPA male procurer, or cock bawd; also a small faggot used about London for lighting fires, named from introducing the fire to the coals.1811
PIMP WHISKINA top trader in pimping.1811
PIMP-WHISKINa top Trader in pimping.1737
SHE NAPPERA woman thief-catcher; also a bawd or pimp.1811
SHE-Nappera Woman Thief-catcher; also a Hen-bawd, or Procuress; a Debaucher of young Virgins; a Maiden head-jobber.1737
STALLIONa Whore-Master; so called from a Stone-horse kept to cover Mares.1737
TOWN BULLA common whoremaster. To roar like a town bull; to cry or bellow aloud.1811
VANas Madam Van. See Madam.1737
VANMadam Van; see MADAM.1811
Sex : Prostitutes
ATHANASIAN WENCH, or QUICUNQUE VULTA forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her.1811
BARBERS CHAIRShe is as common as a barbers chair, in which a whole parish sit to be trimmed; said of a prostitute.1811
BATA low whore: so called from moving out like bats in the dusk of the evening.1811
BLOWENA mistress or whore of a gentleman of the scamp. The blowen kidded the swell into a snoozing ken, and shook him of his dummee and thimble; the girl inveigled the gentleman into a brothel and robbed him of his pocket book and watch.1811
BLOWENa prostitute ; a woman who cohabits with a man without marriage.1819
BLOWERa Mistress; also a Whore.1737
BOB TAILA lewd woman, or one that plays with her tail; also an impotent man, or an eunuch. Tag, rag, and bobtail; a mob of all sorts of low people. To shift ones bob; to move off, or go away. To bear a bob; to join in chorus with any singers. Also a term used by the sellers of game, for a partridge.1811
BOB-TAILa light woman, also an Eunuch or impotent Fellow.1737
BURICKa prostitute, or common woman.1819
BUTTOCKa Whore.1737
BUTTOCKA whore. CANT.1811
BUTTOCK AND FILEboth Whore and Pickpocket.1737
BUTTOCK AND FILEA common whore and a pick-pocket. Cant.1811
BUTTOCK AND TWANGor a down-right Buttock and sham File, a common Whore, but no Pickpocket.1737
BUTTOCK AND TWANG or DOWN BUTTOCK AND SHAM FILEA common whore, but no pickpocket.1811
CASE VROWA prostitute attached to a particular bawdy house.1811
CASE-VROWa Whore that plie in a Bawdy-house.1737
CATa common Whore or Prostitute. Who shall hang the bell about the Cats Neck? Who shall begin the Attack first? said of a desperate Undertaking.1737
CATA common prostitute. An old cat; a cross old woman.1811
CONVENIENTa Mistress; also a Whore.1737
COVENT GARDEN NUNA prostitute.1811
COVEY OF WHORESa well-filld Bawdy-house.1737
CRACKCRACKISH - a Whore/Whorish.1737
CRACKA whore.1811
CURTEZANa genteel fine Miss, or Quality Whore1737
CURTEZANA prostitute.1811
DOXIESShe beggars, Wenches, Whores.1737
DOXIESShe beggars, wenches, whores.1811
DRABa Whore, or Slut; a dirty Drab, a very nasty Slut1737
DRABA nasty, sluttish whore.1811
DRURY LANE VESTALA woman of the town, or prostitute; Drury-lane and its environs were formerly the residence of many of those ladies.1811
EASY VIRTUEA lady of easy virtue: an impure or prostitute.1811
FAMILY of LoveLewd Women, Whores; also a Sect.1737
FAMILY OF LOVELewd women; also, a religious sect.1811
FANCY MANA man kept by a lady for secret services.1811
FENa Strumpet, or Bawd, a common prostitute.1737
FENA bawd, or common prostitute. CANT.1811
GIGGLERSwanton Women.1737
HELL CATA termagant, a vixen, a furious scolding woman. See TERMAGANT and VIXEN.1811
HELL-CATa very lewd Woman.1737
LACED MUTTONA prostitute.1811
LADY OF EASY VIRTUEA woman of the town, an impure, a prostitute.1811
LEFT-HANDED WIFEA concubine; an allusion to an ancient German custom, according to which, when a man married his concubine, or a woman greatly his inferior, he gave her his left hand.1811
LIGHT-FRIGATEa Whore; also a Cruiser.1737
MADAM RANA whore. CANT.1811
MADAM VANa Whore; The Cull has been with Madam Van, the Fellow has enjoyed such a one.1737
MISSa Whore of Quality.1737
MISSA miss or kept mistress; a harlot.1811
MOBor MAB; a Wench or Harlot.1737
MOB; or MABA wench, or harlot.1811
MOLLA whore.1811
MOTTa blowen, or woman of the town.1819
NATURALa Mistress, a Wench.1737
NATURALA mistress, a child; also an idiot. A natural son or daughter; a love or merry-begotten child, a bastard.1811
ONE OF US, or ONE OF MY COUSINSA woman of the town, a harlot.1811
PECULIARa Mistress; also particular, private, proper.1737
PECULIARA mistress.1811
PUBLIC LEDGERA prostitute: because, like that paper, she is open to all parties.1811
PUNKa little Whore.1737
PUNKA whore; also a soldiers trull. See TRULL.1811
PUREa Mistress.1737
QUEANa Whore or Slut. A dirty Quean, a Puzzle or Slut.1737
QUEANA slut, or worthless woman, a strumpet.1811
RECEIVER GENERALA prostitute.1811
ROOMShe lets out her fore room and lies backwards: saying of a woman suspected of prostitution.1811
RUM-Blowera veru handsom Mistress, kept by a particular Man.1737
SCREWa Strumper, a common Prostitute.1737
SHORT-HEELED WENCHA girl apt to fall on her back.1811
SQUIRRELA prostitute: because she like that animal, covers her back with her tail. Meretrix corpore corpus alit. Menagiana, ii. 128.1811
STRUMPETA harlot.1811
TAILA prostitute. Also, a sword.1811
TOWNA woman of the town; a prostitute. To be on the town: to live by prostitution.1811
TRAPESa dangling Slattern.1737
TRAPESA slatternly woman, a careless sluttish woman.1811
TROLLOPa A great Trollop, a lusty coarse Romp.1737
TROOPERYou will die the death of a troopers horse, that is, with your shoes-on; a jocular method of telling any one he will be hanged.1811
TRULLa Whore, also a Tinkers travelling Wife or Wench.1737
UNFORTUNATE WOMENProstitutes: so termed by the virtuous and compassionate of their own sex.1811
WASPAn infected prostitute, who like a wasp carries a sting in her tail.1811
WOMAN OF THE TOWNa Prostitute, or common Harlot.1737
WRINKLEA wrinkle-bellied whore; one who has had a number of bastards: child-bearing leaves wrinkles in a womans belly. To take the wrinkles out of any ones belly; to fill it out by a hearty meal. You have one wrinkle more in your a-se; i.e. you have one piece of knowledge more than you had, every fresh piece of knowledge being supposed by the vulgar naturalists to add a wrinkle to that part.1811
Sex : Related Terms
CUNDUMThe dried gut of a sheep, worn by men in the act of coition, to prevent venereal infection; said to have been invented by one colonel Cundum. These machines were long prepared and sold by a matron of the name of Philips, at the Green Canister, in Half-moon-street, in the Strand. That good lady having acquired a fortune, retired from business; but learning that the town was not well served by her successors, she, out of a patriotic zeal for the public welfare, returned to her occupation; of which she1811
MACHINESMrs. Phillipss ware. See CUNDUM.1811
SOCKET MONEYA whores fee, or hire: also money paid for a treat, by a married man caught in an intrigue.1811
Sex : Sex
BLOW OFF THE GROUNDSILSi.e. To lie with a Women on the Floor or Stairs.1737
BLOW OFF THE LOOSE CORNSTo lie now and then with a Woman1737
BROTHER STARLINGOne who lies with the same woman, that is, builds in the same nest.1811
BROTHER-STARLINGthat lies with the same Woman or builds in the same Nest.1737
BUNTING-TIMEwhen the Grass is high enough to hide the young Men and Maids.1737
BUTTERED BUNOne lying with a woman that has just lain with another man, is said to have a buttered bun.1811
BUTTERED-BUNlying with a Woman that has been just lain with by another Man.1737
CLICKETCopulation of Foxes, and thence used in a Canting Sense, for that of Men and Women; as The Cull and the Mort are at Clicket in the Dyke.1737
CLICKETCopulation of foxes; and thence used, in a canting sense, for that of men and women: as, The cull and the mort are at clicket in the dyke; the man and woman are copulating in the ditch.1811
CLICKETINGthe Act of Fruition.1737
DAB IT UPto dab it up with a woman, is to agree to cohabit with her.1819
DOCKto lie witha Woman. The Cull Docks the Dell in the Darkmans; the Rogue lay with the Wench all Night.1737
DRY BOBA smart repartee: also copulation without emission; in law Latin, siccus robertulus.1811
DUTCHESSA woman enjoyed with her pattens on, or by a man-in boots, is said to be made a dutchess.1811
FLOGGINGa naked Womans whipping with Rods an old (usually) and (sometimes) a young Letcher. The Prancer drew the Queer Cove, at the Crop-pin of the Rotan, through the Rum Pads of the Runville, and was Floggd by the Rum Cove, i. e. The Rogue was draggd at the Carts tail through the chief Streets of London, and was soundly whipt by the Hangman.1737
FLOGGING CULLYA debilitated lecher, commonly an old one.1811
FLOGGING-CULLYan old Letcher, who, to stimulate himself to Venery, causes himself to be whippd with Rods.1737
GOATISHletcherous, wanton, lustfull.1737
GREEN GOWNTo give a girl a green gown; to tumble her on the grass.1811
GREEN-GOWNa throwing of young Lasses on the Grass, and kissing them.1737
HORN COLICA temporary priapism.1811
HUMPTo hump; once a fashionable word for copulation.1811
JOCKor Jockum cloy; to copulate with a Woman.1737
KEEPING CULLYone that maintains a Mistress, and parts with his Money very generously to her.1737
KEEPING CULLYOne who keeps a mistress, as he supposes, for his own use, but really for that of the public.1811
KNOCKTo knock a woman; to have carnal knowledge of her. To knock off; to conclude: phrase borrowed from the blacksmith. To knock under; to submit.1811
LIBto tumble or lie together.1737
MADGE CULLSSodomites. CANT.1811
MAN TRAPA womans commodity.1811
MELTING MOMENTSA fat man and woman in the amorous congress.1811
MOLLYA Miss Molly; an effeminate fellow, a sodomite.1811
MUTTONIn her mutton, i.e. having carnal knowledge of a woman.1811
NIGGLINGaccompanying with a Woman.1737
NUGa Word of Love, as my Dear Nug, my Dear Love.1737
NUGAn endearing word: as, My dear nug; my dear love.1811
OCCUPYTo occupy a woman; to have carnal knowledge of her.1811
PLAISTER OF HOT GUTSone warm Belly clapt to another.1737
PLAISTER OF WARM GUTSOne warm bellydapped to another; a receipt frequently prescribed for different disorders.1811
PRIGGINGlying with a Woman.1737
PRIGGINGRiding; also lying with a woman.1811
QUIFFINGRogering. See TO ROGER.1811
RANGINGintriguing, and enjoying many Women.1737
RANGLINGIntriguing with a variety of women.1811
RANTUM SCANTUMPlaying at rantum scantum; making the beast with two backs.1811
RELISHCarnal connection with a woman.1811
RIDING ST GEORGEThe woman uppermost in the amorous congress, that is, the dragon upon St. George. This is said to be the way to get a bishop.1811
RUTTINGCopulating. Rutting time; the season, when deer go to rut.1811
SCREWto copulate with a Woman.1737
SMUTBawdy. Smutty story; an indecent story.1811
STALLIONA man kept by an old lady for secret services.1811
STATETo lie in state; to be in bed with three harlots.1811
STRAPPINGlying with a Wench.1737
STRAPPINGLying with a woman. CANT.1811
STROKETo take a stroke: to take a bout with a woman.1811
THE DRAGON UPON ST. GEORGEthe Woman uppermost.1737
TIFFINGlying with a Wench, also Drinking.1737
TO BLOW THE GROUNSILSTo lie with a woman on the floor. Cant.1811
TO BOX THE JESUIT, AND GET COCK ROACHESA sea term for masturbation; a crime, it is said, much practised by the reverend fathers of that society.1811
TO DOCKTo lie with a woman. The cull docked the dell all the darkmans; the fellow laid with the wench all night. Docked smack smooth; one who has suffered an amputation of his penis from a venereal complaint. He must go into dock; a sea phrase, signifying that the person spoken of must undergo a salivation. Docking is also a punishment inflicted by sailors on the prostitutes who have infected them with the venereal disease; it consists in cutting off all their clothes, petticoats, shift and all, close to 1811
TO SCREWTo copulate. A female screw; a common prostitute. To screw one up; to exact upon one in a bargain or reckoning.1811
To SHAGTo copulate. He is but bad shag; he is no able womans man.1811
To STRUMTo have carnal knowledge of a woman; also to play badly on the harpsichord; or any other stringed instrument. A strummer of wire, a player on any instrument strung with wire.1811
TO SWIVETo copulate.1811
TO TUPTo have carnal knowledge of a woman.1811
TO WAPTo copulate, to beat. If she wont wap for a winne, let her trine for a make; if she wont lie with a man for a penny, let her hang for a halfpenny. Mort wap-apace; a woman of experience, or very expert at the sport.1811
TOSS OFFManual pollution.1811
TWO HANDED PUTThe amorous congress.1811
VAULTas, To Vault, to commit Acts of Debauchery.1737
WAPto lie with a Man. If she wont wap for a Win, let her trine for a Make; if she wont lie with a Man for a Penny, let her hang for a Half-penny. Mort wap-apace; a Woman of Experience, or very expert at the Sport.1737
WAPPINGthe Act of Coition.1737
WINDWARD PASSAGEOne who uses or navigates the windward passage; a sodomite.1811