Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Emma

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788


Emma, at Mother Gray's, No. 30, Market-Lane, near the Opera House.

In the middle of me,
You plainly may see,
A thing that will suit every man;
And when you are in it,
The critical minute,
Ensure as fast as you can.

A young tit of Mother Gr—y's own procuring, and that our reader should not mistake the old abbess, we will give a short description of her. If you chance to visit her in the morning, the smell of yellow usquebaugh will salute your nostrils, of which she takes copious draughts before breakfast. In all her actions she shews the lewdness of a monkey, and the letchery of a goat; she has lately been fired by P——, the French frizeur, but knowing the use of murcury, she applied it in such a manner that she procured an effectual salivation, and enabled her to take into her house the fame squinting gentleman that present acts as her fine man; she boasts of her knowledge of great men, and there is scarce a lord or duke in the land that has not been her cull.

We can but pity our little girl in question for being so unhappily situated; she is a charming sprightly lass, and so fond of kissing, and so perfect a mistress in the art, that she will frequently force nature to a dissolving pitch, before the right parts come in proper contract; her liveliness of disposition, and activity in the sports of Venus, make her so desirable a bed-fellow, that her magic ring is as much sought after as the philosopher's stone; has good hair and teeth, a plump round, firm breast, and confined merely as an object to sensual desire, possesses every qualification a sensualift can desire. She is to be met with every night at Sterling's, and being newly come on to the town, and possessing too much innocence, as well as ignorance, to fight the world as she ought, she is frequently bilked; but this there is no doubt she will soon get the better off, particularly if she follows the precepts and advice of the old lady she lives with.