Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Betsy Hudson

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Betsy Hudson

Miss Betsy H—ds—n, at Mrs. Kelly's, Duke-Street, Saint James's.

How dull the spring of life would prove,
Without the kiss that waits on love;
From youthful lips you soon receive
The richest harvest lips can give.

Eloped from her friends in the country but a short time, flushed with all the amorous fire of youth insatiate, and ripe with every personal charm the heart of man can wish, this pleasing girl enters our list. The fresh country bloom still remains unimpaired, the rural vivacity is still the same, and united with a beautiful skin and complexion, we can present our readers with a temper and disposition that good nature and affability must call their own. Her teeth are regular, and very white, her eyes of the most lively hazel, which, without the least fire from Bacchus, shoot the most powerful glances; her hair a lovely brown, her breasts are small and never have been sufficiently subjected to manual pressure to deprive them of their natural firmness; she is willingly compliant to any liberty in company, that does not extend beyond the bounds of decency; but let nature come forth unadorned, get once the enchanting girl in bed, she opens all her charms, and gives a sudden loose to such a bent of amorous passion, she would fire the most torpid dispolition; when once you press her in your eager arms the game must instantly begin, and scarcely does she allow an introductory kiss, so uncurbed is her appetite, and so fond is she of repetition, that she would with every lover that passes a night with her to be able to say with Ovid,

Fair Betsy knows, when numbering the delight
Not less than nine full tranfports crown'd the night.

Only six months has this child of love dealed out her charms in public, but well knowing their value, is not quite satisfied if she does not receive on paper a proof of their excellence.