Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Blake

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Blake

Miss Bl—ke, No. 74, Castle Street, Oxford Road.

The soft desiring girl expects thy coming; Busy in thought, and hasty for the hour, She turns and sighs, and wishes, counts the clock, And every minute drags a heavy pace, Till thou appear, the champion of the bed, Arm'd at all points, and eager for the charge That calls thee to the combat of thy love.

This lady's graceful figure, beautiful face, dark hair, and ivory teeth, must surely win the heart of every one, who is fortunate enough to get into her company, and make you pant for the enjoyment of the more essential bliss; for the performance of which, who indeed, is better qualified? who is of a sweeter temper? who can better twine in the enchanting folds of love? who can fill the night with stranger raptures? few, if any. Inslead of expecting two guineas for the performance, we may rather wonder at her moderation in not expecting more: and though she is perfectly charming when drest, yet we are informed that her naked beauties are still more enchanting; her lovely demi globes of delight, with their ruby buds, ravish the wondering eye.

Descend still lower to the regions of happiness, the true country of pleasure, and there appear the flaxen tendrils wantonly playing over the mother of all saints, whilst the pouting protuberances leave it doubtful which lips better deserve the burning kiss; the extatic embrace both act in concert, and charm with delightful unison; whilst those above murmur the transports of the soul, those which are placed below, perform the delicious suction, which cannot be resisted till every atom of the genial juice is drawn through its most natural vent—that the man blest with enjoyment, may cry out with Lee in his Caesar Borgia,

—————O thou great chemise, nature, Who draw'st one spirit so divinely perfect, Thou mak'st a dreg of all the world beside.

Ireland lays claim to the honour of giving birth to this charming girl, who has not sported her figure in public life more than ten months; indeed her particular friend, the Captain, whose name she has taken the liberty of assuming, thinks her rather more honest than we believe her to be; she is now in her eighteenth year, dances well, and is fond of frequenting public hops, where, if her partner pleases her, for two guineas she has no objection to take him home, and return the compliment, that is, provided the Captain, is from town.