Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Brown

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Brown

Miss Br—wn, No 5, Glanville-Street, Rathbone Place.

————————Sacrifice to her
The precious hours, nor grudge with such a mate
The summer's day to toy or winter's night.
Now clasp with dying fondness in your arms
Her yielding waist, now on her swelling breast
Recline your cheek, with eager kises press
Her balmy lips, and drinking from her eyes
Resistless love, the tender flame confess
Ineffable, but by the murmuring voice
Of genuine joy.

This lively girl is a native of Somersetshire, and being thought by her good parents the rose of the garden, received an education perhaps beyond what their circumstances would then admit of, and pride with innocence danced hand in hand. From a great desire of becoming well acquainted with the world she was apprenticed to a millener of the same place,

Whose parent hand the first ideas form'd.

Scarce fifteen ripening autumns had arrived, e'er she felt the divine influence nature began to inspire her with; the little fluid nipples till now unnoticed and almost unseen, began to strut in all the elegance of infant prime; the heart began to feel their sovereign power, and modest nature painted the budding blush in the centre; nature's sink began no longer to be thought as such, since now another fluid passed the narrow bounds, and instilled, by power instinctive, fresh feeling into the whole channel, and every thought and every action seemed founded on those feelings. It is now about ten months since she arrived, and enlisted in the Cyprian choir; she possesses a delicate fair complexion, with lively blue eyes, a pretty mouth, and is well embellished with two rows of polished ivory; we cannot pretend to stile her a beauty, but her lively and chearful disposition, and her accomplishments under cover in great measure compensate for the deficiency in her person, and make one pound one a trifle for a whole night's possession.