Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Clark

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Clark

Miss Cl—rk, No. 116, Wardour-street.

If any wench Venus's girdle wears,
Altho' she be ever so ugly,
Roses and lilys will quickly appear,
And her face look wond'rous smugly.

In some respect Miss C—— verifies this remark of Mr. Gay, for very little else than her wearing Venus's girdle can invite any to admire so plain a countenance; she is tall and lusty, with dark hair and eyes, a very indifferent set of teeth, and a very flat face; she is now twenty-five, has followed the trade some years, and never refuses any sum scarce that is offered her.