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Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Corbet

Miss C—rb—t, No. 16, Goodge-street.

Panting she lay, and fetch'd long double sighs,
Whilst with thick mists pleasure had dimmed her eyes.

Some girls have been debauched by delusive arts, and under promises of marriage, and others have commenced harlots through want, but neither of these motives actuated this lady's principles; it was mere lewdness that overpowered all nature's works, and stamped the principles of conjunction and copulation at a very early period: Ere twelve summers had warmed her constitution, she learned the use of different machines, and felt the effects of friction as soon as she had any genial fluid within her. Who first stamped her virgin mould, we are at a loss to tell, but from the luxuriance of the present soil, guess it was broke open at an early period.

She is a very luscious looking piece, with dark eyes and hair, a very good complexion, tall, and genteely formed, with a charming slender leg, and a pretty foot, which she never troubles the gentlemen to stoop very low to have a perfect view of. She is very good natured, sings a good song, and is in bed a charming companion, particularly at this season of the year; for she is desirous of having every part in contact the whole night. In regard to price, she has one fixed rule; she always measures a gentleman's may-pole by a standard of nine inches, and expects a guinea for every inch it is short of full measure.