Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Devonshire

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Devonshire

Miss D—v—nsh—re, No. 9, Queen Anne Street East

Fool! not to know that love endures no tie,
And Jove but laughs at lovers perjury.

This lady is a native of Devonshire, and has only been one of us four months; she is of a fine fair complexion, love tinctured cerulean eyes, fine teeth, and genteel good figure; a charming partner in a dance, a eery good companion by the fire side, and dearly loves an agreeable friend and a chearful glass; many a man of war hath been her willing prisoner, and paid a proper ransom; her port is said to be well guarded by a light brown chevaux-de-freize, and parted from Bumbay by a very small pleasant isthmus. The entry is rather straight; but when once in, their is very good riding; and when they have paid port customs, they are suffered to slip out very easily, though generally followed by a salute from Crown-point, which hastens their departure by causing the floodgates to open commodiously. She is so brave, that she is ever ready for an engagement; cares not how soon she comes to close quarters, and loves to fight yard arm and yard arm, and be briskly boarded; she is best pleased when her opponent is well armed, and Would despise any warrior, who had not two stout balls to block up her covered way, and did not carry metal enough to leave two pounds behind him.