Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Nancy Davis

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Nancy Davis

Miss Nancy D—v—s, No. 31, Wells-street.

Well pleas'd at the frolic, she laugh'd at the pain,
And wish'd with more ardour, to try it again;
Which, when handled and dandled, and made fit for use,
She push'd with less pain, as the parts grew more loose;
Then upping and downing, kind nature told how,
She cry'd over-raptur'd, it does not hurt now.

This was her confession to her dear Mr. Wh—te, had she less partiality for him, her friends in general would have a greater partiality for her; she has a tolerable pretty mouth, we wish we could pay her teeth the same compliment; that mouth she thinks serves as an index to its cousin below; to be sure she has learned the wrigling part of pleasing, and would willingly make her gentlemen believe, when in the heat of the engagement,' that he is giving her pain; but however large the premises may be, she certainly has attained a very pleasing method of contracting them, never meeting with one she could not perfectly well accommodate, from an infant shoe to a jack boot. She is of the middling size, with dark hair and eyes; retains a good complexion without the assistance of rouge or pearl powder; is very lively and chearful, and as a conversation piece only, would make the time pass away agreeable enough, being chearful and good humoured, with a pleasant smile upon her countenance; will drink a chearful glass to George the third with pleasure, and whilst she has the glass in one hand, has no objection to see his picture in the other; but sooner than her dear man should want, she would retail her charms at five shillings an hour all day long.