Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Phoebe Burn

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Phoebe Burn

Miss Phoebe B—rn, No. 5, Eagle-street, Red Lion Square.

Behold her round the vine, in loose attire,
Her panting bosom thrills with soft desire,
Which white and firm invites the amorous hand,
And never fails to make the member stand;
Then to her couch she'll lead the conquered boy,
Who in her feels a tickling pinching joy.

Bishopsgate-street is the place that gave birth to this volatile charmer; her father moved in the sphere of a hackney-coachman, and reared this daughter of Venus with no small care, till she attained her sixteenth year, at which period, a young man about twenty wooed her, and she did not repulse him; but found his embraces so agreeable, that she soon wished for food more substantial than kisses; but then the thought of sacrificing her character to her pleasure was a bar not easily surmounted, but nature called so loud for its favorite choak pear, that she resolved to throw herself into the arms of the vigorous youth, and for the first time suck the juice of the enchanting fruit; a few promises and vows of his, fully preponderated all her maiden niceties, and she soon yielded to the giddy impulse of her passion;

She did not stay for marriage, that stale trick,
But lost her reputation for a ——;

but the cruel laceration that this first attack was productive of, obliged her to confine herself to her bed two days, and led her parents to the discovery of their daughter's shame, which so highly incensed them, that they abandoned her to the world at large; and from this aera we may date her entrance into life. The Kite, in Catherine-street, first swooped upon her, and carried her to the nest as a fine prey, and she was not mistaken; she proved such, and for six months never was in want of culls; at the end of this time ihe deserted the mother abbess, took apartments in Glanville-street, and traded on her own bottom, where she figured away with tolerable grace for three months, and then removed to her prefent situation. She is diminitive in size, with fine black eyes, large firm, and full breasts, a handsome mouth, pretty curling brown ringlets, and delicate little hands; a very pretty leg and foot, which is at all times ready to divide and house its old friend, at the very low price of one ounce of silver.