Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Robinson

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Robinson

Miss R—b—ns—n, No 14, Lisle Street, Leciester Fields.,/p>

Thou can'st not see one wrinkle in my brow,
My eyes tho' dark, are bright and quick in turning,
My beauty as the spring does yearly grow,
My flesh is soft and plump; my marrow burning.

It is not surprising, the notice which a lady, who as long erected her standard in the field of pleasure, attracts from the veterans in the same field. This is the case of our heroine, now about twenty-eight years of age, tall, rather lusty, and a figure that speaks true symmetry; handsome, a slight tinge of the brunette in her complexion, with very fine dark hair, fine hazel eyes, very dark, and finely arch'd eye brows; indeed, she has been a very fine woman, and is far from being in her wane of beauty; her hair, indeed, is remarkably fine, and such a length, as to be able to be interwoven with her once maidenhead thicket, now grown to a fine bushy arbour surrounding the blissful cell of the blind sovereign of wanton sports, where he reigns predominant over every sense, and subjects all the rest to that of feeling; here he keeps his court and holds his revels; come then ye followers of Comus, plunge your burning plough shares within the betwiching circle, and slake the hot breathing of untamed desire; here dance the round of joy till sense grows giddy in the maze, and taste the delicious transports of maddening delight, till panting nature striking the alarm, proclaims a dying pause to her own music, and pours forth the flood of mingled rapture; she has good breasts, and her limbs are finely turn'd and proportioned; she is of a very good disposition, and a most agreeable companion, and is at present in keeping by a Mr. M—lls; but being fond of the glow of youth, and the manly embrace of full vigour, she indulges variety, and is various in her expectation for so doing.