Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Wilkinson

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Wilkinson

Miss W—lk—ns—n, No. 10, Bull-and-Mouth Street.

Forbidding me to follow she invites me,
This is the mould of which I made the sex,
I gave them but one tongue to say us nay,
And two kind eyes to grant.

Here we present our readers with as pretty a man's woman as ever the bountiful hand of nature formed; a pair of black eyes that dart resistless fire, that speak a language frozen hearts might thaw, and stand as the sweet index to the soul; a pair of sweet pouting lips that demand the burning kiss, and never receives it without paying with interest; a complexion that would charm the eye of an anchorite; a skin smooth' as monument alabaster, and white as Alpian snow; and hair that so beautifully contrasts the skin, that nought but nature can equal. Descend a little lower and behold the semi-snowballs. "Studded with rose buds, and streaked with celestial blue," that want not the support of stays; whose truly elastic state never suffers the pressure, however severe, to remain, but boldly recovers its tempting smoothness. Next take a view of nature centrally; no folding lapel, no gaping orifice, no horrid gulph is here, but the loving lips tenderly kiss each other, and shelter from the cold a small but easily stretched passage, whose depth none but the blind boy has liberty to fathom; between the tempting lips the coral headed tip stands centinal, sheltered by a raven coloured bush, and for one half guinea conduct the well erected friend safe into port. She is a native of Oxfordshire, and has been a visitor on the town about one year, is generally to be met with at home at every hour excepting ten at night, at which time she visits a favourite gentleman of the Temple.