Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Miss Williams

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Miss Williams

Miss W—ll—ms, No. 3, Glanville-street.

Firm breasts, white belly, and such thighs,
Gaze ghastly envy, and forget her size.

This lady's affable temper, and engaging disposition, fully compensates for her size, which is rather diminutive, and the innumerable beauties of her face, when put in competition with this deficiency, ought entirely to efface the smallest idea of it. From her youth we might be led to imagine her deficient in the practice of love, but we can assure our readers he will meet but few in the cyprian field that will shew better sport; her hair is a beautiful glossy dark brown; her eye brows finely arc'd, and of the same hue, which, contrasted by a pair of beautiful cerulean eyes, and cheeks of living roses and lilies, places her in the rank of first rate beauties,

Her rising breasts two hillocks are of snow,
On which two little fragrant rose buds grow;

below which descends the smooth track of a belly, which conveys to the mind an idea of animated ivory, at the bottom of which is display'd a lovely chesnut fringe, terminated by a pouting slash hole, which is far from being insensible to the raptures of its grisly antagonist, and with pleasure opens its mouth to receive his well erected crest, who enters with his accustomed pride, but soon returns with fallen head, as if conscious of its presumption; but the mistress of this formidable enemy is well acquainted with the means of restoring life to the vanquished memmber, but only to make it more sensible of its inability. Mercenary views are far from what she aims at; she can give and receive a luscious share of pleasures of copulation; but beginning to know the accustom'd ways of the baser sort of men, and not being always confident of the honour of her paramour, if he is a stranger, she must receive her compliment of half a guinea, or a guinea, according to the length of the intended visit, before she proceeds to any kind of business.