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Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Mrs Eliza Webster

Mrs. Eliza W—bst—r, No. 13, John-Street, Tottenham Court Road./p>

Fancy itself, e'en in enjoyment, is
But a dumb judge, and cannot tell its bliss./p>

Mrs. W—bst—r is the daughter of a gentleman, deceased, has received a good education, which she improves by an excellent natural understanding; her age is twenty-one, her figure tall, and every limb elegantly proportioned; she possesses an agreeable face, but we will not flatter her by calling it a pretty one, being too thinly formed to constitute beauty, and too much pitted with the small pox to be stiled handsome; still she commands a beautiful pair of dark eyes, which give a most pleasing, amorous expression to her whole countenance, and makes her, tho' not a pretty, still a very desirable girl; she possesses a lively and entertaining manner, with an affable disposition, and refined, delicate sentiments, which has lately been much been abused by the brutality of her late keeper, Mr. K—d, well known at Garraway's coffee house, for the lowness of his birth, and still greater meanness of his sentiments./p>

He was some time since a corn factor, but has now relinquished that, and nOw all his business, delight, and employment, seems to be that of persecuting Mrs. W——. In the course of last summer he arrested her for the paltry sum a of twenty-five pounds, which, from the natural consequences of not paying immediately, amounted to sixty pounds, and upwards. Indeed, could the Whole conduct of this old r—l be summed up, it would be impossible to describe his cruelty to Mrs. W. which proceeds merely from his resolution not to live with a wretch, whose cruelty, and her own disposition, obliges her to despise. It is from such kind of usage as this that has taught Mrs. W. prudence and discretion in all her engagements with the men, nor will she ever admit a visitor to take any liberties, without first knowing the value he fits on her company; and from the appearance which her present keeper enables her to make, she expects to be something considerable./p>