Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Covent Garden Ladies 1788: Mrs Ward

Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies for the year 1788

Mrs Ward

Mrs. W—rd, No. 19, Union Street, Middlesex Hospital.

There is a joy to melt in her embrace,
Dissolve in pleasures, not in delights.

She is a fine lusty well looking lady; her eyes and hair are dark; her teeth good, and her age about thirty; she sees much company, and none depart unsatisfied, it being her study to please, and her pride to be thought worthy of a second visit. She is very careful of her health, and where she has the least reason to suspect infection, is very strict in examining the ambassador of love e'er she receives his tribute. Tho' a very generous dealer, and one who has dealt in our market at least ten years, she does not appear to be quite void of sensibility; but seems to give pleasing proofs that she feels delight, as well as bestows it. Her old friend, whose name she stole, has been long dead, and by his death has reduced her to accept of almost any sum her paramour offers.