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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Cataplasm for the Feet.

Take Venice Treacle 2 ounces; Mustard Seed, Grains of Paradise, each 1 ounce and half; Bay Salt 1 ounce; black Soap 2 ounces; Oil of Spike 2 scruples; Vinegar a quantity sufficient, mix all.

A Cataplasm for Vomiting.

Take Quinces half a pound; having cut them in quarters; and taken out their Core and Seeds, Boil them in Vinegar 'till soft. then beat them to mash in a Mortar, and add powder'd Balaustines half an ounce; when you have spread it on a double Cloth, strew...

A Cataplasm in a Quinsy.

Take Figs 4 ounces; Album Gracum half an ounce; Flower of Sulphur, long Pepper, each 1 dram; Brandy 2 ounces; Chymical oil of Wormwood 16 drops; Diacodium as much as will serve, beat them all in a Mortar 'till well mixt. To these may be added Swallows or...

A Cataplasm of Bitters.

Take Venice Treacle, Lupine Meal, each 3 drams; Wormseed 1 dram and a half; Species of Hiera picra half a dram; Chymical oil of Wormwood 16 drops; Juice of Tansey, enough to embody it it, mix.

A Cataplasm of Eggs.

Take Yolks of Eggs boil'd hard 4; Oil of Amber 2 scruples; Linseed Oil as much as needful, mix them together in a Mortar.

A Cataplasm of Herrings.

Take white Bryony Root new digged up (or if it be dried, then the powder of it) 2 ounces; black Soap 3 ounces; Pickled Herrings (or Anchovies) 4 ounces; Salt 1 ounce and half, mix.

A Cataplasm of Webs.

Take Venice Turpentine 2 ounces; Juice of Plantain 1 ounce and half; Figs 3; the yellow pareing of Orange Rind 2 drams; Bole 1 dram and half; Soot half an once; Pigeons Dung 1 ounce and halfl large Spider Webs 6; black Soap 4 ounces; Vinegar enough to...

A Cataplasm with Cassia.

Take Pulp of Cassia 1 ounce; Elder Ointment 2 ounces; Sperma ceti half an ounce; Powder'd Agaric 1 dram and a half; mix all into a Cataplasm.

A Cataplasm with Cummin.

Take Onions roasted under the Embers 1 ounce and a half; Saffron clip'd small with Scissars 15 grains; Oil of Amber 12 drops; powder'd Cummin Seed, Ointment of Marsh Mallows, each 3 drams, mix.

A Cataplasm with Elder.

Take green Leaves (or, in the Winter time, inner Bark) of Elder 4 ounces; cut and boil them in Milk 'till soft; strain away the Milk, and to the Mash add soft Soap 1 ounce; spread it upon a double Cloth; strew it with Ceruse and apply it warm.

A Cataplasm with Fullers Earth.

Take crumb of white Bread 4 ounces, white Poppy-seed bruis'd 2 ounces; Boil in Milk; strain away the clear, to the remainder , add powder'd Fullers-Earth, Oil of Roses, each 2 ounces; oil of Mace by Expression 1 dram; Camphire 1 scruple, mix.

A Cataplasm with Juices.

Take Juices of Onions, Parsely, Smallage, Fennel, each 2 ounces; crumb of white Bread as much as will take it up, beat and mix in a Mortar.

A Cataplasm with Orris.

Take Orris powder 1 ounce; Honey 3 ounces, or as much as serves, mix all.

A Cataplasm with Poppy.

Take Red Roses dried and cut small 4 scruples; white Poppy- seeds bruis'd, Oil of Roses, each half an ounce; Barly Meal 1 ounce; Vinegar enough to temper it into a Consistence.

A Cataplasm with Radish.

Take Roots of Horse Radish, Squills, each 2 ounces; Rue, Mustard Seed, Salt, each 1 ounce, black Soap 2 ounces; Vinegar as much as useful to beat it up with.

A Cataplasm with Turneps.

Take Turneps bak'd in an Oven 8 ounces; Rue 4 handfuls; Mustard-seed 2 ounces; Oil of Juniper 2 drams; Nerve Ointment, as much as needful, when it is spread upon a Cloth sprinkle it with Powder of Euphorbium.

A Lateral Cataplasm.

Take Meal of Linseed 8 ounces; Fenugreek, Cummin, each 4 ounces; Linseed Oil as much as requireth, mix all in a Mortar.

A Stomach Cataplasm.

Take Venice Treacle 6 drams, Cinnamon, Cloves powder'd, each 1 dram; Chymical Oil of Mint 6 drops; Oil of Wormwood 2 drops; beat it up with a just quantity if Vinegar.


1. A Restorative Caudle.

Take the Pith of an ox's back out of its Skin half a pound; Rose Water and Tent Wine, each 1 pint; Dates minced small 10; Raisins of the Sun stoned 24; Cinnamon 2 drams: Let it stand stewing in Balneo 6 hours, then strain and add 6 ounces of it, the yolk...

2. Restorative Caudle.

Take Tent Wine 2 quarts; White Sanders, Acorn Cups, each half an ounce; candy'd Eryngo Roots, Dates, Figs, each 4 ounces; Nutmegs sliced thin half an ounce; Archangel 2 handfuls; boil to 1 quart, strain it and while it is yet a little warm, add the Yolks...

A Cordial Caudle.

Take sweet Almonds beaten in a Mortar 12; Yolks of Eggs 2; Conserve of red Roses and Gilly Flowers, each 1 ounce; Aqua Coelestis half an ounce; Canary Wine, Damask Rose Water, each half a pint; work them about well together. then strain and add confection...


Laxative Currants.

Take Senna 4 ounces; Juniper berries bruis'd 2 ounces; White Wine and Water, each 1 pint; make a close and warm Infusion for 6 Hours, then strain out the Liquor, and putting into it Currants (well picked and washed) 1 pound; boil gently till they are soft...