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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Pleuritic Expression.

Take green Dandelion 4 handfuls; bruise, and pour on it red Poppy Water 1 pint, then strain, and add Salt Prunel 1 dram; Crabs Eyes levigated 2 drams; Syrup of red Poppies 3 ounces, mix.

A Refrigerating Expression.

Take Male Pimpernel 3 handfuls; Borage 6 handfuls; Roots of Borge cut into thin Rundles 2 ounces; Pippins 3; Salt Prunel 2 drams; white Sugar 1 ounce and a half, stamp, and pour on them Meadow Sweet Water 3 pints; when they have stood cold a night's...

A Rosaceous Expression.

Take the softest, free, white Chalk powder'd 2 ounces; Bole Armoniac 1 ounce; boil in Water 3 quarts to 1 quart; set it by to subside, then having decanted the clear, put into it conserve of red Roses 6 ounces; digest warm for 12 hours; and so run it...

A Scorbutic temperate Expression.

Take Brooklime, Water Cresses, Dandelion, Cleavers, each 4 handfuls; Oranges cut to pieces with their peel 4; stamp and add white Wine, Elder flower water, each 1 pint; when they have stood a while, strain out the Liquor, which when clear, pour off, and...

A Styptic Expression.

Take common Daisie; Mousear; Tarrow; Nettle eacch 3 handfuls, having stamp'd them, pour Plantain water 12 ounces; after it hath stood an hour, strain it, and add Salt Prunel 2 drams; Syrup of dyr'd Roses 2 ounces, mix.

A warm Scorbutic Expression.

Take Scurvy grass, Watercresses, Brooklime, Celandine, each 4 handfuls, to these, when stamp'd, add white Wine half a pint; Horse Radish Water compound; Magistral Worm Water each 4 ounces; after it hath stood an hour, strain out the Liquor, and add Spirit...

An Expression of Brooklime compound.

Take Brooklime, Water cresses, Borage, Plantain, each 4 handfuls; having stamp'd them in a Stone Mortar, and pour'd on them water 2 quarts; let them stand cold an hour, then strain out the Liquor, and drop it into as much Oil of Vitriol as will give it a...

An Expression of Millipedes for a Thin Cough.

Take live Millipedes cleansed 2 ounces; Aniseed 1 dram; Nutmeg half a dram; white sugar 1 ounce; having beat them well, and added Penny royal water 6 ounces; compound Bryony and compound Piony water, each 1 ounces; strain it out.

An Expression of Millipedes simple.

Take live Millipedes and white Sugar, each 3 ounces; when they are well beaten and mix'd together in a Mortar, add white Wine 1 pint; and strain and squeeze out the Liquor.

An Expression of Piony.

Take Male Piony Roots, (fresh taken up and bruised) 4 ounces; Mistletoe cut small, 1 ounce; Canary Wine 1 pint, give them a hot and close infusion for 2 hours, then having wrung out the Liquor, add to it compound Piony Water, and compound Syrup of the...

An Icteric Expression of Millipedes.

Take live Millipedes 100; Saffron cut small half a scruple; Nutmeg half a dram; white Sugar half an ounce; when these are all well beaten up together, pour on the Mass Celandine (or Cleaver) water 4 ounces; Magistral worm water 2 ounces; and strain out...

An Icteric Expression.

Take Celandine 2 handfuls Juniper berries 1 ounce; to these well bruis'd, add Saffron (cut small with Scissers) 1 scruple; white Wine (or Rhenish) 1 pint, Aqua Mirabilis 2 ounces; after it hath stood cold 12 hours, strain out the Liquor and sweeten it...


A Pectoral Extract.

Take the best Malt can be got, (not burnt in drying) ready ground 1 gasllon and a half; Water 2 gallons; make Ale Wort according to Art.