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A common Gargle.

Take Plantain water 10 ounces; red Rose water 3 ounces; Syrup of Mulberries 2 ounces; Honey of Roses strained 1 ounce; Oil of Vitriol, as much as serves to give it a fitting acidity.

A Detergent Gargle.

It deterges, and scours off thick Viscosity, and slimy Nastiness sticking to the Tongue, and parts of the Mouth; humects and refrigerates the Throat, when dry'd up and parch'd; corrects the muriatic Acrimony of the Saliva, and extinguishes Thirst. But in...

A Gargle for a Quinsy.

Take Columbines 2 handfuls; inner rind of Elm 1 ounce; Jews Ears, Liquorice, Album Graecum, each half an ounce; boil in Water 2 pints and half to 26 ounces; in the strain'd dissolve Salt Armoniac 2 drams; Syrup of Raspberries, Honey of Roses, each 3...

A Gargle for Phlegm.

Take Hysop water 10 ounces; Rectify'd Spirit of Wine 1 ounce; Spirit of Scurvy grass half an ounce; Spirit of Castor 2 drams; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 4 scruples; powder'd Pellitory of Spain 1 dram; Honey 4 ounces, mix and use it cold.

A Gargle for the Heat of the Mouth.

Take Plantain Water 8 ounces; red Rose water 4 ounces; whites of Eggs beaten thin 4; Salt prunel 4 scruples; Syrup of Marsh Mallows 4 ounces, mix.

A Gargle for the Uvula.

Take Columbines 4 handfuls, red Roses dry'd, Balaustines, each half a handful; long Pepper 4 scruples; Myrrh 2 drams; boil in Water 1 quart, and white Wine half a pint to 26 ounces; to the strain'd add Brandy, Syrup of Raspberries and Mulberries, each 2...

A Gargle in the Small Pox.

Take French Barly, Liquorice, each half an ounce; Marsh Mallow roots, Tares, each 1 ounces; Figs 12; Jews Ears 1 handful; boil in Water 2 pints and half to 28 ounces; in the strain'd dissolve Oxymel simple and Honey of Roses, each 2 ounces, mix.

A Gargle with Myrrh.

Take red Astringent Wine 1 pint; powder'd Myrrh 2 drams, mix.

A Gargle with Pellitory.

Take Pellitory of Spain half an ounce; Seeds of white Poppy and Henbane, each 2 drams; Cloves half a dram; white Wine half a pint; Vinegar 4 ounces; boil 'till it come to half a pint; then strain and add Brandy 2 ounces.

A Gargle with Roses.

Take dry'd red Rose flowers 3 drams; Pomgranate flowers and peel, each 2 drams; Myrtle berries, powder'd Bole and Japanic Earth, each 1 dram; Alum 1 scuple; boil in Plantain Water and rough red Wine, each 6 ounces to 8 ounces; in the strain'd dissolve...

A Gargle with Vine leaves.

Take Vine leaves, Sage, female Fluellin, Cinquefoil, Bramble Buds, each half a handful; boil in Water 1 pint and half to 1 pint, to the strain'd add Alum 1 dram and half; Vinegar, Honey, each 2 ounces; boil again and skum it.

A Levigating Gargle.

Take Comfrey roots 2 ounces; Gum Arabic 1 ounces; boil in Barley Water 20 ounces to 12 ounces; strain and red (175, 176) Rose water 1 ounces; Syrup of Marsh Mallows 3 ounces, mix.

A Paralytic Gargle.

Take white Wine half a pint; Mustard made up as it comes to Tables 2 ounces; Savory (or Thyme) water 4 ounces; Honey of Roses 2 ounces; Vinegar enough to render it pretty Tart, Mix.

A Refrigerating Gargle.

Take waters of Frogs Spawn, Plantain and Elder flowers, each 4 ounces; red Rose water 2 ounces; whites of Eggs (beat up to Water) 4; white Sugar 1 ounce, mix.

A Scorbutic Gargle.

Take Madder roots 1 ounce; Pellitory of Spain, Winters Cinnamon, each 2 drams; Honey suckle leaves, Sage, Sanicle, Columbines, each 1 handful; boil in Lime water 2 pints and half to 28 ounces; to the strain'd add Spirit of Scurvy grass half an ounce;...

An Emollient Gargle.

Take Roots of Marsh Mallow, Liquorice, Pearl Barley each 1 ounce; Bran (ty'd up in a Rag) 1 handful; inner Rind of Elm, Gum Arabic each an half an ounce; Figs 8. Boil in Water 3pints, in 28 ounces of which (when strained) dissolve Syrup of Marsh Mallows,...

Gargle of black Thorn.

Take black Thorn bark 2 ounces; boil it in Water 2 pints and half to 24 ounces; in the strain'd dissolve Alum 4 scruples; Vinegar 2 ounces, Honey of Roses 6 ounces.

Of Gargles.

Now that I may gather up into one View, what I have before scatter'd under several Heads: I'll lay down the following Rules, concerning the several sorts of Gargles, and their skilful choice, according to Curative Intentions.