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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Balsamic Glyster.

Take Broth of Sheeps Inwards (or Head) 10 ounces; Yolks of Egss 2; Lucatellus's Balsam 1 ounce; S

A Carminative Glyster.

Take Camomile Flowers, Bay Berries, each half an ounce; sweet Fennel, and Cummin Seeds (added at last) each 2 Drams; boil in Water to 12 ounces; strain, and add Brandy 2 ounces; Oil Olive 1 ounce; Oil of Anniseed 2 drams.

A Colic Glyster.

Take Canary Wine, Linseed Oil, each 6 ounces, Oil of Amber half a dram; to which may be added Liquid Laudanum 40 drops, mix.

A Comforting Glyster.

Take Canary Wine 1 pint; Diascordium half an ounce; Yolks of Eggs 2, mix.

A Corroborating Glyster.

Take dry'd Wormwood, Centory, each 1 handful: Camomile flowers, Bay berries, each 3 drams; boil in Sheeps-head-Broth to 10 ounces; to the stain'd add Brandy 2 ounces; Oil of Turpentine and Juniper, each half a dram, mix.

A Decoction for Glysters.

Take Mallows 2 handfuls; Violet leaves, Groundsel, each 1 handful; Camomile flowers, Flax-seed, each 2 drams; sweet Fennel- seed half an ounce; make a Decoction in Water 1 pint and half to 1 pint; which strain out for use.

A Emollient Glyster.

Take Milk 10 ounces; Oil of Camomile 3 ounces; Honey of Herb Mercury, Brown Sugar and Pulp of Cassia, each 1 ounce; Oil of Aniseed half a dram, mix.

A Febrific Glyster.

Take Peruvian Bark fine powder'd 2 ounces; boil in several Waters 'till it come to half a pint; let it pass through a Sieve, so as to be turbid and add Diascordium half an ounce; Oil of Aniseed 1 drop; mix.

A Glyster for Infants.

Take new Milk 3 ounces; Oil of sweet Almonds, Syrup of Violets, each half an ounce; Oil of Aniseed 12 drops, mix.

A Glyster in Gripes.

Take powder'd white Chalk half an ounce; Rue; Camomila flowers, each half a handful; boil in Water half a pint to 4 ounces; to the strain'd add Tincture of Castor 3 drams; Diascordium 2 drams; Syrup of Meconium half an ounce; Oil of Aniseed 10 drops, mix.

A Glyster of 4 Oils.

Take Oils of Linseed and Camomile each 6 ounces; Oil of Scorpions and Turpentine each 2 drams; mix.

A Glyster of Bitters.

Take Virginia Snake root powder'd 1 dram; pulp of Coloquintida (tied up in a nodule) 1 scruple; Tansy, Savine tops, each half a handful; decoct in Water to 6 ounces; strain and add Oil of St. John's Wort half an ounce; chymical Oil of Wormwood half a...

A Glyster of Pomgranate.

Take Pomgranate Peel bruised half an ounce; Flowers of the same 1 dram; boil in Milk half a pint to 4 ounces; to the strained add Brandy (or Cinnamon Water) 2 ounces; Diascordium 6 drams; Oil of Nutmeg 6 drops, mix.

A Glyster with Mullein.

Take Mullein, and Elder Flowers, each half a handful; Herbs, Hemlock, Henbane, each 1 handful; boil in Smith's Forge Water to 12 ounces; to the strained add the Yolk of 1 Egg; Linseed Oil 2 ounces; oil of Amber half a dram; Balsam of Sulphur 2 drams, mix.

A Laxative Glysters.

Take either Chicken, or Veal-Broth 12 ounces; Oil Olive, brown Sugar each 2 ounces; Oil of Anniseed, half a dram, mix.

A Lenient Glyster.

Take new Milk 10 ounces; Mucilage of Fleawort, and Quince Seeds (extracted in red Poppy Water) 3 ounces; Yolk of 2 Eggs, Diacodium 2 ounces, mix.

A Mixture for Glysters.

Take Domestic Syrup 2 ounces; Lenitive Electuary 1 ounce; Species of Hiera 1 dram, mix.

A Nourishing Glyster.

Take Broth made of Sheep's Inwards 10 ounces; Yolks of 3 Eggs; Canary Wine 3 ounces, Juice of Kermes half an ounce, mix.

A Purging Glyster.

Take of the Decoction for Glysters 12 ounces; Mixture for Glysters 3 ounces, mix.

A Refrigerating Glyster.

Take of the common Emulsion 12 ounces; Oil of Lilies 4 ounces; Salt Prunel 2 scruples; Sugar of Lead 1 scruple; mix, and inject it milk warm.

A Saponaceous Glyster.

Take Mallows, Golden Rod, each 1 handful; Juniper and Bay Berries; Daucus and Parsley Seed each 2 drams; boil in Water to 12 ounces; in the strained dissolve Castile Soap half an ounce; Oil of Camomile 1 ounce; Oil of Anniseed, 30 drops; Syrup of Violets...

A Somniferous Glyster.

Take Opium 8 grains; dissolve it in erratic Poppy Water 6 ounces, and add Diascordium half an ounce; the Yolk of 1 Egg, mix and inject lukewarm at sleeping time.

A Sweet Glyster.

Take New Cows Milk 6 ounces; Melassos 2 ounces, mix.

A Terebinthine Glyster.

Take Urine of a Man in Health 1 pint; Venice Turpentine (dissolved in 2 Yolks of Eggs) 1 ounce; Oil of Aniseed 1 dram; Melassos 1 ounce, mix.

An Anodyne Glyster.

Take new Milk half a pint; Brandy 2 ounces; Oil of Aniseed half a dram; Diascordium 6 drams; let it be given lukewarm, just before Sleep and retain'd if possible all Night.

An Apoplectic Glyster.

Take Pellitory of Spain half an ounce; Coloquintida (tied up in a rag) half a dram; Rue 2 handfuls; boil in Water to 12 ounces; and to the strain'd add Infusion of Crocus Metallorum 3 ounces; Tincture of Castor half an ounce; Salt Gem, Oil of Amber, each...

An Epileptic Glyster.

Take Camomile flowers 1 handful; boil in Water to 3 ounces; strain and add Spirit of Hartshorn 8 drops; Oil of Aniseed 5 drops; Honey of Roses 3 drams; the Author saith, there's no need of Yolk of Egg to mix it.

An Hysteric Glyster.

Take round Birthwort and white Bryony roots each half an ounce; Rue, Feverfew, Pennyroyal, Camomile flowers, each half a handful; boil in Water to 1 pint, in which (when strain'd and cold) dissolve Asa Faetida 1 dram; Oil of Amber 2 drams; brown Sugar 1...

An Oiley Bitter Glyster.

Take Linseed Oil 6 ounces; Coloquintida tied up in a Rag 1 dram and a half; boil a little , and strain it.

The comon Glyster.

Take of our Decoction for Glysters 12 ounces; Syrup of the Juice of Groundsell (or of Buck-Thorn) salt Butter, brown Sugar, each 1 ounce; Oil of Aniseed 8 drops, mix.