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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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Honey of Raisins.

Take Malaga Raisins freed from the Stalks and Stones 2 pound; Currants pick'd and rubb'd clean with a Cloth 1 pound; Jujubes half a pound; beat all in a Marble Mortar, and boil in a convenient quantity of clear Barly Water, 'till the Goodness be boil'd...

Mayern's Honey of Raisins.

Take Raisins stoned and chop'd small 4 pound' Water 6 quarts; macerate them 24 hours; then boil 'till but a third part remains, which strain and boil again, 'till it become as thick as Honey.


A Chartaceous Hydrogala.

Take of the finest Writing Paper cut small 4 Sheets, Naple Biskets 2; Spring Water 2 pints and a half; having boil'd it to 1 pint and half and strain'd it, add Milk 1 pint and half, then boil it again to 1 quart; and at last, season it with fine Sugar and...


1. A Pectoral Hydromel.

Take Liquorice 2 ounces; Malaga Raisins stoned and cut small 4 ounces; boil in depurate Barly water from 3 pints to 1 quart; to the strain'd add Honey 2 ounces, and boil again 'till it be well despumated.

2. Pectoral Hydromel.

Take Pearl Barley, Malaga Raisins stoned, each half an ounce; Figs 4; Liquorice 2 drams; Roots of Elecampane, Orris, Calamus Aromaticus and dry'd Tobacco, each 1 dram; Colts foot, Ground Ivy, Rocket, Sanicle, each 1 handful; sweet Fennel and Aniseed...

A Diuretic Hydromel.

Take roots of Madder, Fennel, each 1 ounce; Parsly 2 ounces; Bay and Juniper berries, each half an ounce; Daucus and Sweet Fennel Seeds, each 2 drams; boil in Water 2 pints and half to 28 ounces; to the strain'd Liquor add Juice of Pellitory of the Wall...

An Hydromel of Cherries.

Take Spring Water 6 quarts; Honey 1 quart; when its boil'd to a perfect Despumation, add Juice of red Cherries 1 quart; and boil it a little more, scumming it carefully.

Joel's Hydromel.

Take Zedoary half an ounce; Gum Ammoniac (not strain'd) 2 drams; Flour of Sulphur 3 drams; clarify'd Honey 2 ounces; Water i pint; boil (without scumming it) to 12 ounces; at the latter end, adding Saffron 12 grains; and when its quite cold strain it off.

Simple Hydromel.

Take pure Spring Water 2 quarts; Honey half a pound; boil it 'till its thoroughly scummed.


A Bitter Chalybeat Infusion.

Take Alexiterial Milk water 1 pint and half; Mint, Genetian compound, Magistral Worm water, each 4 ounces; Gentian root 4 scruples; tops of Carduus, Centory and Camomile flowers, each 8 scruples; after 12 hours warm infusion, run it through a Sieve...

A Bitter Infusion.

Take common Water distl'd 2 quarts; Brandy half a pint; Salt of Tarter 32 grains; Gentian root 3 drams; tops of Carduus, Centory, Camomile flowers, each 6 drams; Cochineal 2 scruples; infuse in Balneo 12 hours, and strain.

A Cardiac Infusion.

Take conserve of red Roses 1 ounce; conserve of Borage flowers 2 ounces; candy'd Citron peel, beat to a Mash 6 drams; pour on them Borage water 9 ounces; Meadow sweet water 3 ounces; Damask Rose water 2 ounces; having mix'd all very well in a marble...

A Cephalic Infusion.

Take dry Peacocks dung (the white part) 4 ounces; Millepedes alive bruised 1 ounce; black Cherry water, white Wine, each 1 pint and half; let them stand cold 24 hours, then having clarify'd it, by often passing it through a Flannel bag; add Langius's...

A Purging Infusion.

Take Senna 1 ounce; white Tartar powder'd half an ounce; Elder flower water, white Wine, each half a pint; infuse warm and close in a glass, or glased (but not Brass) Vessel, 12 hours: To 12 ounces of it clear strain'd, add Syrup of Succory with Rhubabr 4...

A Red Infusion.

Take Diascordium half an ounce; Cochineal 2 scruples; Cloves 1 scruple; red Lisbon Wine 6 ounces; Cinnamon Water 2 ounces; let all stand at the Fire stopp'd close 2 hours. Strain and add Syrup of Quinces (or of Meconium) 1 ounces and half, mix.

A Refrigerating Infusion.

Take green Fig leaves 1 ounce; common Daisy roots 6 drams; Contrayerva 2 drams; Spring water 1 pint; brandy 2 ounces; Salt of Tartar 1 scruple; make a warm and close Infusion, which strain and edulcorate with Sugar.

A Styptic Infusion.

Take stinging Nettle-Roots 4 ounces; Salt Prunel half an ounce; Juice of Nettle 2 ounces; Spring water 1 quart; make a warm Infusion for 12 Hours; then strain, and add Syrup of Marsh- Mallows, (or of Meconium) 4 ounces, mix.

A Traumatic Infusion.

Take green Twigs of woody Nightshade (cut like Sarsaparilla) 4 ounce; Cochineal 1 scruple; White-wine 1 quart; infuse hot and close, all Night; then having strained out the Liquor, add Syrup of Ground Ivy 4 ounces; Venice Treacle half an ounce, mix.

An Anthelminthic Infusion.

Take Wormseed bruis'd half an ounce; Mint Water 4 ounces; Gentian Compound and Cinnamon water, each 2 ounces; infuse hot for an hour; then strain and add Syrup of Succory with Rhubarb 2 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops; mix.

An Arthritic Infusion.

Take ground Pine (dry'd, washed and bruis'd) 1 ounce; Lavender flowers dry'd, Venice Treacle, each half a ounce; stout, strong, red Wine 1 quart; infuse hot 2 hours and strain.

An Epileptic Infusion.

Take Misselto cut and bruis'd 4 ounces; juice of Rue 1 ounce; Brandy 4 ounces; Spring water 28 ounces; Salt of Tartar 2 scruples; infuse in a gentle heat 12 hours: Let the strain'd subside, 'till depurated, which decant and sweeten with Syrup of Piony...

An Infusion for a Colic.

Take Zedoary root contused 2 ounces; Canary Wine, Brandy, each half a pint; macerate in a gentle heat 12 hours. To the strain'd add Oil of Juniper 16 drops; Oil of Cloves 4 drops; fine Sugar 1 ounce, mix.

An Infusion of Camomile.

Take distil'd Water 1 quart; Brandy 4 ounces; Slat of Tarter 2 scruples; Camomile flowers dry'd and bruis'd 2 ounces; infuse warm 12 hours, and decant the clear through a Flannel strainer.

An Infusion of Rhubarb compound.

Take Rhubarb sliced thin 2 drams; yellow Mirobalans bruised 1 dram; Salt of Wormwood 15 grains; Plantain and Cinnamon water, each 2 ounces; infuse warm and close a Nights space, then having strain'd it out, add Oil of Aniseed 1 drop; Syrup of Roses...

An Infusion with Roses Compound.

Take Red Roses, Balaustines, each 2 drams; oak Bark half an ounce; Spring Water 1 quart; give it a warm Infusion for 12 hours; then strain, and add Barly Cinnamon Water, 4 ounces; White Sugar 2 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops.

The Infusion of Roses simple.

Take Conserve of red Roses 4 ounces; Oil of Sulphur 48 drops (or as much as suffices to bring it to a fit acidity) Spring Water 1 quart; macerate warm all Night; in the Morning run it, till clear, through a Flannel Bag.

The Spanish Infusion.

Take Spring Water 3 pints; Salt of Tarter half an ounce; Saffron (snip'd small with Scissers half a dram; Spanish Juice of Liquorice, sliced thin, 1 ounce; digest warm, and close 24 Hours; And then strain it.