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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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Notes concerning Pectorals

And here, for a Conclusion to the Lambatives, I freely communicate two or three Notes concerning Pectorals, which perhaps are not clearly and distinctly understood by every one, and may possibly be worth taking notice of by young Practicioners.


An Hysteric Laudanum.

Take London Laudanum, Asa Foetida, each 2 grains; Oil of Amber 1 drop, make 2 Pills for one Dose.


An Hydropic Lavament.

Take rectified Spirit of Wine 3 ounces; Spirit of Lavender 1 ounce; Pil Cochiae the greater half an ounce; Crude Opium 2 drams, mix.


A Cephalic Liniment.

Take Oil of Nutmeg by Expression, and Palm Oil, each 1 dram and half; Chymical Oil of Cloves, Rosemary and Sage, each 1 scruple, mix.

A Frontale Liniment.

Take Oinment of Alabaster 2 drams; Oil of Roses 6 drams; Opium 16 grains; Camphire 8 grains; Oil of Nutmeg 4 drops, mix.

A Lateral Liniment.

Take Ointment of Marshmallows 6 drams; Oil of Lilies and Bricks, each 3 drams; Camphire half a dram, mix.

A Liniment with Alum.

Take crude and burnt Alum, each 2 drams; Bole, Japanic Earth, each 1 dram; Oil of Sassafras 6 drops; Honey of Roses as much as suffices, mix.

A Liniment with Gum Lac.

Take Gum Lac 1 dram and half; burnt Alum 1 scruple; Salt 15 grains; Honey of Roses 6 drams, mix.

A Paralytic Liniment.

Take Ointment called Martiatum 2 ounces; Oil of Spike, petroleum, each 3 drams; powdered Euphorbium 1 scruple; Oil of Amber 1 dram and half; Oil of Rosemary half a dram, mix.

A Spinale Liniment.

Take Urine of a healthy Person, Tent Wine, Neatsfoot Oil, each 2 ounces; Sperma Ceti 2 drams; Mace 1 dram; boil to 4 ounces and strain.

An Haemorrhoidal Liniment.

Take Poplar Ointment 2 drams; Oil of Eggs 6 drams; Sugar of Lead 2 scruples; Opium 8 grains; Oil of Amber 16 drops, mix.

Joel's Liniment.

Take Verdigrise 1 dram; Honey of Roses 1 ounce; Vineger half an ounce; boil to the Consumption of the Vineger, and when it's cold, add powdered burnt Alum 2 scruples; Mastick, Frankincense, and Myrrh, each 1 scruple.


A Litus for the Face.

Take Ox Galls 3, rectify'd Spirit of Wine 3 pints; having extracted a Tincture, and exhaled to the consistence of Honey; dissolve it in Juice of Lemons 2 ounces; and add powder'd Calomel 3 drams; Salt of Vitriol 2 drams; Venetian Borace 1 dram; Faeculae...


An Hydropic Lixivium.

Take sifted Ashes of Broom and Bean stalks, each 2 ounces; Juice of Parsley 4 ounces; white Wine 2 quarts; make a Lixivium, to which (when strain'd and clear) add Salt of Tartar 1 dram; Sassaphras 1 ounce; Bay and Juniper berries, Seeds of Daucus,...


A Balsamic Lohoch.

Take Balsam of Tolu (powder'd, searced and subacted with Yolk of an Egg) half an ounce; Lohoch Sanans 1 ounce; Balsam of Peru 4 drops; Syrup of Coltsfoot flowers, as much as needs, mix.

A Bechic Lohoch.

Take powdered and searced black Bechic Troches 2 drams; Lohoch Sanans half an ounce; Syrup of Jujubes as much as sufficient, mix.

A common Lohoch.

Take powder'd white Bechic Troches 3 drams; Oil of sweet Almonds, Syrup of Marsh Mallows, each 1 ounce and half, mix.

A Incrassating Lohoch.

Take powder'd Marsh Mallow root 3 drams; Flower of Sulphur 1 dram; Gum Arabick half a dram; white of Eggs beaten up 1 ounce; Syrup of Marsh Mallows as much as wants to mix it into due Consistence.

A Japanic Lohoch.

Take powder'd and searced Japanic Earth 2 drams; white of Egg beaten 6 drams; Syrup of Comfrey sufficient to give it due Consistence, mix.

A Levigating Lohoch.

Take Syrup of Marsh Mallows, white of Eggs beaten to Water, each 1 ounce; Sugar Penids half an ounce, mix. < In Fevers its a singular help and comfort, against Heat, Siccity, Roughness, Hardness, Excoriation, Soreness and Smart of the Tongue, Mouth and...

A Lohoch of Myrrh.

Take Myrrh well powdered 2 drams; Saffron half a scruple; Nutmeg half a dram; Honey 2 ounces, mix.

A Lohoch with Elecampane.

Take powdered Elecampane, Orris, Liquorice, Japanic Earth, each 2 drams; Oil of Aniseed 2 drops; Syrup of Meconium 3 ounces, or as much as sufficient to mix.

A Lohoch with Garlic.

Take Lohoch Sanans 1 ounce and half; Garlic candy'd (as in Pharmac. Bat.) half an onnce; Gum Ammoniac (dissolv'd in white Wine, and strain'd) 1 dram; powder of Arum Compound, Myrrh, each half a dram, mix.

A Lohoch with Linseed Oil.

Take Linseed Oil new drawn, white Sugar Candy powder'd and searced, Syrup of Ground Ivy, each half an ounce; powder'd Orris 1 dram; Flower of Sulphur half a dram; Tincture of Gum Ammoniac 12 drops; Oil of Aniseed 4 drops; Salt of Harts-horn (or Volatile...

A Lohoch with Olibanum.

Take powdered Olibanum 1 dram; Balaustines 1 scruple; Honey of Roses 2 ounces; Spirit of Vitriol, enough to give it a convenient Acidity, mix.

A Lohoch with Sperma Ceti.

Take white Bechic Troches, Sperma Ceti, each 1 dram and half; Oil of Sweet Almonds, Syrup of Balsam, each one ounce and half; Conserve of Hips 6 drams, mix.

A Mucilaginous Lohoch.

Take Seeds of Fleabane and Quinces, each 1 dram and half; decoct in a due quantity of Rosewater to the Extraction of the Mucilage: to 4 ounces of which strained, add one White of Egg beaten, and white Sugar candy powdered and searced, 5 drams, mix.

A Peruvian Lohoch.

Take Lohoch Sanans 1 ounce and half; Balsam of Peru 1 dram and half; Yolk of Egg half an ounce, mix.

A Pleuritic Lohoch.

Take Syrup of erratic Poppies, Linseed Oil, each 2 ounces; Oil of Aniseed 2 drops; white Sugar 2 drams, mix.

A Red Lohoch.

Take Conserve of Hips half an ounce; Syrup of Elder Berries, Oil of Sweet Almonds, each 1 ounce, mix.

A Styptic Lohoch.

Take Syrup of Comfry, Linseed Oil, each 1 ounce; Astringent Crocus of Steel 4 scruples; Sugar of Lead 1 scruple; powdered white Sugar candy 1 dram and half, mix.

An Apophlegmatic Lohoch.

Take Syrup of Hyssop 2 ounces and a half; Oil of sweet Almonds 1 ounce; Oil of Anniseed 2 drops; Tincture of Myrrh 1 dram; powder'd Orris root 4 scruples; Flower of Benjamin half a scruple; Tobacco 4 grains, mix.

An Asthmatic Lohoch.

Take Syrup of Ground Ivy, Horehound, each 1 ounce and half; Oxymel simple 1 ounce; Powder of Arum compound, of Orris and Gum Ammoniac (dissolv'd in Cinnamon Water, and strain'd) each 1 dram; Elixir Proprietatis (prepared with Oil of Sulphur by the Bell)...

An Oleous Lohoch.

Take Oil of Sweet Almonds, Syrup of Maiden Hair, each 1 ounce and half; white Sugar candy powdered and searced 1 ounce; powdered Liquorice half an ounce, mix.

Haly's Lohoch.

Take Haly's Powder, fresh made up half an ounce; Diacodium 1 ounce and half; or as much as is sufficient, mix

Lucatellus's Lohoch.

Take conserve of red Roses 2 ounces; conserve of Hips 1 ounce; Lucatellus's Balsam (made with Dragons Blood instead of Sanders) 3 drams; Syrup of Comfrey sufficient to give it a due Body, mix.