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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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1. A Colic Mixture.

Take Tincture of Rhubarb simple 1 ounce and half; powder'd Rhubarb half a dram; Syrup of Roses solutive half an ounce ; powder'd long Pepper 3 grains; Oil of Anise 2 drops, mix.

1. Expectorating Mixture.

Take Tincture of Benjamin half an ounce; Tincture of Saffron (extracted in Spirit of Wine) Tinctures of Myrrh, of Gum Ammoniac and Spirit of Salt Armoniac, each 1 dram; Hyssop Water 6 ounces; Magistral Worm Water 3 ounces; Syrup of Horehound 2 ounces, mix.

2. Colic Mixture.

Take Mint Water half an ounce; strong Cinnamon Water 1 ounce and half; Elixir Proprietatis tartarised 1 dram; Oil of Juniper 2 drops; powdered Rhubarb 1 scruple (or half a dram;) Salt of Wormwood half a scruple; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 15 drops, mix, for...

2. Expectorating Mixture.

Take Hyssop Water 8 ounces; Tincture of Benjamin half an ounce; Tincture of Gum Ammoniac, Spirit of Salt Armoniac, each 40 drops; Oil of Anise 8 drops; white Sugar 1 ounce, mix.

A Balsamic Mixture.

Take Balsam of Capive half an ounce; dissolve it in the Yolks of 2 Eggs, and add white Sryrup 2 ounces; white Wine 8 ounces; at last strain it.

A Balsamic Nephritic Mixture.

Take Balsam of Captive half an ounce; Oil of Juniper half a dram; dissolve it in the Yolks of 2 Eggs, and add Syrup of Marsh Mallows compound 2 ounces and a half; Arsmart Water 10 ounces, mix.

A Bechic Mixture.

Take Syrup of Meconium 1 ounce and half; Fracastorius's Electuary, Mithridate, each 1 dram; Lohoch Sanans 2 drams; Penny- royal Water 4 ounces, mix.

A Cardiac Aquose Mixture.

Take black Cherry and Alexiterial Milk Water, each 12 ounces; Barley Cinnamon, Epidemial Water, each 8 ounces; Aqua Caelestis 2 ounces, mix.

A Cardiac Edulcorating Mixture.

Take Syrup of Gilly flowers 4 ounces; of Raspberries 1 ounce and half; Confection of Alkermes half an ounce; Oil of Nutmegs 4 drops, mix.

A Cardiac Oleose Mixture.

Take the Yolks of 2 Eggs, Oyl of Cinnamon, Nutmegs, each 4 drops; refined Sugar half an ounce; Juice of Kermes 2 drams; Canary Wine 8 ounces, mix and strain.

A Carminative Mixture.

Take Canary and white Wine, each 6 ounces; Spirit of Wine rectify'd 2 ounces; the Yolk of 1 Egg; fine Sugar 1 ounce; Oil of Juniper 32 drops; Oil of Nutmeg, Caraway, Fennel and Anise, each 8 drops, mix.

A Consolating Mixture.

Take Sherry Wine half a pint; strong Cinnamon Water 4 ounces; Rose Water, white Sugar Candy, each 2 ounces; Juice of Kermes strain'd 1 ounce; Species called Laetificans Galeni 2 drams; Leaves of Gold 4; Oil of Nutmeg 4 drops, mix.

A Corollate Mixture.

Take red Coral Finely levigated 2 drams; Salt of Wormwood 4 scruples; Juice of Lemons fresh drawn 4 ounces; strong Cinnamon Water 2 ounces mix in an open glass, and let them stand uncork'd, least their Fermentation break the Bottle.

A Diuretic Mixture.

Take white Wine 12 ounces; Oil of Juniper 24 drops; Oil of Anise 12 drops; white Sugar 1 ounce and half, mix.

A Golden Mixture.

Take Juice of Kermes strain'd half an ounce; Syrup of Gilly flowers and Rasberries, each 2 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops; Oil of Cloves 1 drop; Leaves of Gold 5, mix.

A Juniper Mixture.

Take Oil of Juniper 1 dram; Subigate it perfectly with the Yolk of 1 Egg, mix in white Syrup 2 ounces, and strain.

A Mixture for Glysters.

Take Domestic Syrup 2 ounces; Lenitive Electuary 1 ounce; Species of Hiera 1 dram, mix.

A Mixture for the Throat.

Take Seeds of Flea wort and Quinces, each 2 drams; Decoct in Water half a pint to 4 ounces; to the strained Mucilage add one white of Egg well beaten, Damask Rose Water 2 ounces; Syrup of Raspberries 1 ounce and half; mix.

A Mixture with Bole.

Take Barly Cinnamon Water 4 ounces; Mint Water, Syrup of Myrtle (or of dried Roses) each 1 ounce; finely powder'd Bole 2 scruples; Diascordium 2 drams Oil of Cloves 1 drop; Liquid Laudanum 30 drops, mix for 2 Doses.

A Mixture with Sperma Ceti.

Take Canary Wine, Linseed Oil, each 3 ounces; Oil of Turpentine 10 drops; Sperma Ceti, Crabs Eyes, each half a dram; white Sugar 3 drams; mix artificially, and it give warm for one Dose.

A Musk Mixture.

Take depurated Juice of Mint 4 ounces; compound Wormwood and strong Cinnamon Waters, each 1 ounce; powder'd Castor 1 dram; Musk 4 grains; white Sugar candy 3 drams, mix.

A Oleose Mixture.

Take Oil of sweet Almonds (or rather Oil of Walnuts) 2 ounces; Syrup of Marsh Mallows 4 ounces; water of Pellitory of the Wall 6 ounces, Salt Prunel 1 dram, mix.

A Pacific Mixture.

Take Liquid Laudanum tartarised 2 drams; Oil of Nutmeg and Cinnamon each 4 drops, mix.

A Paralytic Mixture.

Take Spirit of Scurvy grass 2 drams; compound Spirit of Lavender, Tincture of Castor, each half a dram; Elixir Proprietatis tartaris'd 1 dram; Oil of Nutmeg 4 drops; Oil of Cinnamon and Cloves, each 2 drops; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 2 drams, mix.

A Pectoral Mixture.

Take of the Pectoral Decoction 30 ounces; Tincture of Saffron (made in Treacle Water) 6 drams; Tincture of Benjamin 2 drams; Syrup of Ground Ivy 1 ounce and half; Oil of Anise 1 drop, mix.

A Peruvian Mixture.

Take very finely powder'd Peruvian Peel 1 ounce; Alexiterial Milk Water 1 pint; Mint, Cinnamon, Epidemial Waters, and Syurp of Gilly flowers, each 4 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 4 drops, mix.

A Pleuritic Mixture.

Take Waters of Hyssop 2 ounces; Fennel 1 ounces; Epidemial and Treacle Water, each half an ounce; Crabs Eyes, Bezoar Mineral, each 1 scruple; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 15 drops; London Laudanum 2 grains; Syrup of the Juice of Erratic Poppy 1 ounce, mix.

A Saline Mixture.

Take Penny royal water 6 ounces; Salt of Tartar 2 drams, mix.

A Saponaceous Mixture.

Take fine Venice Soap scraped thin 1 dram; mix it with Oil of Aniseed 3 drops; Add Syrup of Maiden Hair 3 ounces; Syrup of Horehound 1 ounce; Penny royal water 2 ounces, mix all according to Art and strain.

A Scorbutic Mixture.

Take Horse Radish water compound half an ounce; Spirit of Scurvy grass 3 drams; Elixir Proprietatis tartaris'd 2 drams; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 1 dram; Oil of Juniper 40 drops, mix.

A Stomach Mixture.

Take strong Cinnamon water 1 ounces; Oil of Vitriol 1 dram; Oil of Cloves 24 drops; mix.

A Sulphurate Mixture.

Take Syrup of Juice of Hounds tongue 4 ounces; Balsam of Sulphur Anisated 80 drops, mix.

A Tartareous Mixture.

Take Spirituous Cinnamon Water 6 ounces; Oil of Tartar by Deliquium 3 drams; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 90 drops, mix.

An Acovistic Mixture.

Take Tincture of Castor 2 drams; Oil of Sage, Rosemary, Cloves, Marjoram, each 2 drops, mix.

An Aromatic Mixture.

Take Tincture of Salt Tartar 6 drams; Oil of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, each 6 drops; Oil of Pepper, Wormwood, Mint, each 4 drops, mix.

An Asthmatic Mixture.

Take erratic Poppy Water 9 ounces; Oxymel of Squills 3 ounces, mix.

An Ecphractic Mixture.

Take Pine tops cut small 6 handfulls; boil in Water 2 quarts to 1; strain, wringing it hard through a Cloth; add to the Liquor depurated Juice of Scurvy-grass 1 pint; of Brooklime, Water- cresses and Dandelion, each half a pint; Radish water compound 1...

An Epileptic Mixture.

Take Lime tree flower and Fennel Waters, each 2 ounces; Syrup of Stechas and of Meconium, each 1 ounce; Spirit of Salt Armoniac 1 scruple, mix, for 2 Doses.

An Erysipelas Mixture.

Take Spirit of Wine half a pint; Venice Treacle 2 ounces; long Pepper, Cloves, each 2 drams, mix.

An Hysteric Aquose Mixture.

Take Waters of Mugwort, black Cherries, each 12 ounces; of Rue, Penny royal, Bryony compound, each 8 ounces, mix.

An Hysteric Spirituose Mixture.

Take Tincture of Asa Foetida (extracted with Spirit of Wine) Tincture of Galbanum, of Castor, and Spirit of Salt Armoniac (or Hartshorn) each 1 dram; Oil of Amber 32 drops, Mix.

The Thebane Mixture.

Take Thebane Juice (or, for want of it, London Laudanum) 12 grains; dissolve it in black Cherry Water 12 ounces; and rectify'd Spirit of Wine half an ounce; add white Sugar half an ounce; strain and drop Spirit of Salt Armoniac 36 drops, mix.