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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Posset with Wood Sorrel.

Take new Milk 1 quart; good fresh Small Beer 1 pint; White- wine half a pint, make 1 Posset, boiling in it Wood Sorrel 2 handfuls.

Posset with Tamarinds.

Take Tamarinds 2 ounces, put to them (in a Marble Mortar) a little Milk, work it about with a Pestle, till the Tamarinds are dissolved, then pour it into boiling Milk 1 quart, and strain the whey from the Curd, through a Sieve.


A Lenitive Potion.

Take Cream of Tartar powdered 2 scruples first dissolve it over the Fire in Elder flower water 4 ounces; then dissolve Manna I ounce and half in the same; and strain, and Syrup of Roses solutive half an ounce for one Dose.

A Purging hydropic Potion.

Take powdered Jalap root half a dram; Ginger 2 grains; Salt of Tartar 12 grains; Whitewine 3 ounces; Syrup of Roses solutive 1 ounce; Domestick Syrup half an ounce, mix.

A Purging Nephritic Potion.

Take Mallows 1 handful; Senna 2 drams; Salt of Tartar 1 scruple; Boil in Water half a pint to 3 ounces; strain and dissolve in the Liquor, Manna 1 ounce and half; Oil of Sweet Almonds half an ounce; Oil of Juniper 10 drops, mix.

A Purging Rosinous Potion.

Take Rosin of Falap 12 grains; Oil of Anised 1 drop; having mixed these well with the Yolk of an Egg, add Syrup of Roses solutive 6 drams; White-wine 2 ounces, mix. It may be farther enforced with Gamboge, if needful.

A Rhubarb Potion.

Take powdered Rhubarb 1 scruple (or half a dram); Mint or Cinnamon water, each 1 ounce and half; Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops; Syrup of dried Roses 6 drams, mix.

An Ammoniac Potion.

Take pure Gum Ammoniac 2 scruples; dissolve it in Hyssop water 2 ounces and half; to the strained add Lenitive Electuary half an ounce; Syrup of Roses solution 1 ounce; Salt Prunel 2 scruples, mix.

The Potion called Sancta.

Take powdered Gum of Guaiacum 1 drum and half; dissolve, and subigate it with the Yolk of an Egg; add Cinnamon water half an ounce; Fumitory water 1 ounce and half; Syrup of Roses solutive half an ounce, mix.

The Vulnerary Potion of Arceus.

Take powdered Rhubarb half a dram; Madder, Mumy, each I scruple; sealed Earth half a scruple; Juice of Pomgranate, Waters of Scabious and Bugloss, each 1 ounce, mix.

The Warwick Potion.

Take Scammony Sulphurated, Diaphoretic Antimony, Cream Of Tartar, each half a scruple; Succory water 3 ounces; Cinnamon water 2 drams; Syrup of Roses solutive 1 ounce, mix up a white Draught.

The White Potion.

Take Venice Turpentine 3 drams (or half an ounce;) Oil of Nutmeg 2 drops; subigate these with the Yolk of an Egg; then add Syrup of Marsh Mallows 1 ounce; White-wine 3 ounces, and strain it. Syrup of Violets may be added, instead of that of Marsh Mallows.