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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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Take Quich Grass roots 3 ounces; Liquorice, shavings of Harts horn and Ivory, each 2 drams; Raisins of the Sun 1 ounce and half; boil in depurated Barly water 3 pints to 1 quart; in the strain'd liquor dissolve Salt Nitre 4 scruples; Syrup of Violets 1...


1. Stomach Quilt.

Take Spanish Angelica root, Aromatic Reed, each 1 dram and half; dried Mint, Wormwood, each 2 drams; Seeds of Coriander and Caraway, each 1 dram; Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, Storax calamite, Benjamin, each half a dram; beat all into a gross Powder.

A Cardiac Quilt.

Take Spanish Angelica root, Calamus aromatic, each half an ounce; yellow Sanders, Lavender flowers, Saffron, Caraway seed, Cloves, Mace, Benjamin, Storax calamite, each half a dram; make all into a gross Powder, to be quilted in Silk with Cotton, and...

A Pectoral Quilt.

Take yellow Sanders, Florentine Orris, Calamus aromatic, each 2 drams; Lavender flowers, Coriander seed, Nutmeg, Mace Benjamin, Storax calamite, each 1 dram; Oil of Aniseed, Cloves, each 3 drops, bring all into a course Powder.

A Quilt for a Cap.

Take Male Piony root 2 drams; Spanish Angelica root 1 dram; Florentine Orris, Lavender flowers, each half a dram; Arabian Stechas flowers 1 dram; Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, each 1 scruple; Storax calamite, Labdanum, Amber, Balsam of Tolu, each 1 dram; Oil of...


Rob of Acacia.

Take Sloes (not fully ripe) as many as you please; stew them in warm water till soft; pass them through a pulping Sieve; evaporate away the superfluous humidity; then add half its weight of fine Sugar; and boil it up to a due consistence.


Salt Volatile Sudorifick.

Take Spirit of Treacle camphorated 10 ounces; Volatil Sulphureous, Spirit of Vitriol rectify'd (which see in Collectan. Chym.p.491.) 3 ounces; Spirit of Tartar, Spirit of Salt Armoniac each 2 ounces and half; digest all together three days in Balneo.


Antiscorbutic Spirit.

Take bark of Guaiacum 7 ounces, Orange-peel 5 ounces, Juniper-berries 1 pound, Daucus-seed 6 ounces, Sugar 6 pound, Spring-water 25 quarts, Yeast as much as needs: Let it stand fermenting 12 days; after which, add the 4 greater hot seeds each I ounce, and...

Spirit of Caraway compound.

Take French Brandy 1 quart; Caraway comfits half a pound, Species of Aromaticum Rosatum, and Galcns Letisic, each 2 scruples; having let them stand macerating 14 days, strain, and add Musk and Ambergrise (ty'd up in a piece of Muslin) each 2 grains;...

Spirit of Wine rectify'd without heat.

Take good Brandy 10 ounces; Salt of Tartar calcined high 4 ounces; shake 'em well together in a Glass-bottle; so will the salt imbibe the phlegm of the Spirit, and sink to the bottom, and the limpid yellowish Spirit swim a-top, which decant, and add to it...


Alexiterial Stone.

Take Amber, red Coral each half a dram; diaphoretic Antimony, Contrayerva root, Crabseyes, each 1 dram; Crabs-claws half an ounce; levigate all upon a Marble, till it be an exquisitely fine, and impalpable Powder; which make up into little Balls, with...


Dur Sugar of Pearl.

Take white Sugar-candy powdered, and searced 3 ounces; Pearl prepared 1 ounce: Make it into a subtile Powder.



Take common Salt (or Salt Gem.) powdered Aloes (or Species of Hiera) each half a dram; Hony boiled up to a just consistence (that is, 'til 'twill not stick to, and dawb the fingers) as much as sufficient; mix, and make out of it 2 Suppositories.


Asthmatic Syrup.

It's made after the same manner with Ammoniacum; only Syrup of Fox-glove-flowers is used, instead of the white Syrup.

Balsamic Syrup.

Take Balsam of Tolu 6 drams, boil it (without scumming) In Spring (or fine Barly) water 20 ounces, to 12 ounces; then add treble refined Sugar 1 pound, and without any further boiling, as soon as 'tis melted, take it off from the Fire; set it by to cool,...

Chalybeate Syrup.

Take white Wine 1 pint and half; filings of Iron 1 ounce and half; powdered white Tartar 6 drams; Cinnamon, Nutmeg each 1 dram and half; Mace, Cloves, each half a dram; make a warm infusion 4 days in a large open Glass (else it will burst asunder); or...

Diuretic Syrup.

Take Arsmart-water 1 quart; Prunella-stone 2 ounces; white Sugar 2 pound; boil it up to a Syrup.

Dur Syrup of Ammoniacum.

Take gum Ammoniacum, not strain'd, half an ounce; dissolve it in Water 1 ounce; strain, and join it according to Art, with white Syrup 11 ounces.

Incrassating Syrup.

Take Plantain-water 1 pint; Gum Arabic 1 ounce and half; dissolve at the Fire; and add fine Sugar 1 pound: Make it into a Syrup.

Mr. Boyle's Syrup.

Take Comfry-roots 6 ounces; Plantain-leaves 12 handfuls cut, beat, and strain out the Juice; to which add an equal weight of Sugar, and boil it up to a Syrup.

Syrup of Elecampane.

Take Roots of Elecampane, Polypodium, Currants each 2 ounces; Liquorice half an ounce; Virginia Tobacco dry'd two drams; Colts-foot, spotted Lungwort, Savory, Calamint each 1 handful; boil then in simple Hydromel to 1 pint and a half; strain, and adding...

Syrup of Garlic.

Take Garlic (peel'd, and cut into pieces) Aniseed bruis'd, each half an ounce; Elecampane-root 3 drams; Liquorice 2 drams; Brandy 1 pint and half; stop it up close, and give it a warm digestion, two or three days; then having strained the Liquor out...

Syrup of hounds-tongue.

Take juice of Hounds-tongue (clarify'd by coction) and fine Sugar each 1 pound and half; boil it up to a Syrup.

Syrup of Liquorice.

Take sweet Tincture, Hony each one pint; Oil of Aniseed 8 drops: Make a Syrup.

Syrup of Mallows.

Take the Magistrale Decoction of Mallows 1 pint; fine Sugar I pound: Make a Syrup.

Syrup of Moss.

Take Moss (call'd Oak-Lungs) 4 handfuls; Comfry-root 6 ounces; Malaga Raisins ston'd 2 ounces; Liquorice 3 drams; Balsam of Tolu 2 drams; boil in Hydromel simple to 1 pint and a half; and with Sugar sufficient, boil it up, pretty high, into a thick Syrup.

Syrup of Myrrh.

Take Myrrh 2 drams (or at most half an ounce) grind it with brown Sugar-candy 4 ounces; dissolve it in hard boiled whites of Eggs (just as Oil of Myrrh by deliquium is prepared).

Syrup of Salt of Steel.

Take Succory-water 8 ounces; Salt of Steel powdered 2 drams; melt it thoroughly over the Fire in a glaz'd Vessel, then set it by two days, that its Crocus may be precipitated; which done, decant the pure clear Liquor, and adding fine Sugar8 ounces, Oil of...

The White Syrup.

Take pure Fountain-water 1 quart; fine Sugar 3 pound; boil (and scum it well) into a Syrup.