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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Martial Tincture.

Take salt of Mars of Riverius (described cap. de Melanch. Hypoch.) soluble Tartar (of which see Collect. Chymic. Leydens.p.444.) each half an ounce; expose them in a Cellar to the Air, till melted; then add Saffron 2 drams; spirituous Cinnamon-water 8...

Alexiterial Tincture.

Take Virginia Snake-wort, Contrayerva, Spanish Angelica- roots, and Venice-Treacle each half an ounce; Myrrh 2 drams; Saffron 4 scruples; Cochineal 2 scruples; Tincture of Salt of Tartar 1 pint; digest according to Art, and filtre.

An Epileptic Tincture.

Take Russia Castor half an ounce; yellow Amber powdered, English Saffron of each two drams; fresh Flowers of Lily of the Valley one ounce; to these pout Salt Volatile Sudorifick (before described) ten ounces, digest without heat 6 days, and then decant...

Antiphthisic Tincture.

Take Sugar of Lead, and Vitriol of Mars powdered each 1 ounce; rectified Spirit of Wine 4 ounces; set it by till it extract a red Tincture, which filtre.

Balsamic Tincture.

Take Balm of Gilead, of Capive, Peru, and Tolu each 2 drams; Spirit of Wine rectify'd half a pint; digest in Balneo 2 days, and filtre.

Purging Cephalic Tincture.

Take Senna half an ounce; Rhubarb, Agaric ty'd up, species of Hiera, each 2 scruples; white Wine 1 pint, macerate and strain.

Purging Tincture.

Take Senna 3 ounces; Rhubarb 1 ounce; Scammony 4 scruples; Brandy 2 quarts; digest.

Stomachic Tincture.

Take Cinamon 2 drams; Mace, Nutmeg, each 1 dram and half; Cloves 45 grains; grains of Paradise 1 scruple; yellow paring of Orange peel not dry'd 1 dram; Saffron 2 scruples; Cochineal 15 grains; Tincture of Salt of Tartar 12 ounces, digest.

Stomatic Tincture.

Take Gum Lac Powder'd half an ounce; burnt Alum 1 dram; small spirit of Scurvy grass 8 ounces; stop up close in a glass Bottle, digest till a good Tincture appear, and warily decant.

Sweet Tincture.

Take Spanish juice of Liquorice cut thin one ounce; Cochineal 2 scruples; Canary wine one quart, digest. To these may be added Saffron one dram.

Tincture of Gentian.

Take Gentian sliced thin 4 ounces; Canary wine 1 quart; digest 3 days cold, and pour it thro' a Strainer:

Tincture of Rhubarb.

Take Rhubarb sliced thin 2 ounces; Brandy 1 quart; infuse cold.


A Tobacco for Catarrhs.

Take Pistachio peels 6 drams; Tobacco 2 drams; Coltsfoot 1 ounce; oil of Aniseed 8 drops; cut and mix.

A Tobacco for Consumptions.

Take Pistachio peels 3 drams; dry'd Hyssop white Horebound, Rosa solis each 2 drams, Auripigment, Tobacco, each half an ounce; reduce all into an exquisitely fine Powder; which grind upon a Marble with Yolk of Egg, till it become just like Painters Paint....