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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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2. Pleuritic Unguent.

Take Althea Ointment 1 ounce; Oil of sweet Almonds 3 drams; Camphir 1 scruple; spirit of Salt Armoniac 1 dram: mix.

A Frontal Unguent.

Take Unguent of Alabaster 1 dram and half; Oil of Mace by expression 1 scruple; Opium (dissolv'd in a little Rose water) half a scruple, mix.

Aloetic Unguent.

Take powder'd Aloes 2 drams; Scammony, Troches of Alhandal, each half a dram; Oxe Gall 1 dram; Butter as much as needs. Make an Unguent.

An Erysipelas Unguent.

Take juice of Elder leaves (or rinds) Linseed Oil, each 2 ounces; boil to the consumption of the Juice, and then add powder'd Litharge as much as serves to make it up into an Unguent.

Aperitive Unguent.

Take Oil of Lilies, and of Thamarisk, each two Ounces; Juice of white Bryony roots, and Smalage, each one Ounce: Boil to the Consumption of the Juices, and adding Ointment of Marsh-Mallows, fresh Butter, each one Ounce; Gum Ammoniac strained half Ounce:...

Cordial Unguent.

Take Orange flower butter, Palm Oil, each 2 drams; Apoplectic Balsam 1 scruple; Oil of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, each 4 drops, mix.

Crinisic Unguent.

Take Bees burnt, Mouse dung, each half an ounce; Balsam of Peru 2 drams; Honey as much as sufficient. Make an Unguent.

hemorrhoidal Unguent.

Take Populeon Ointment 1 ounce; Oil of Amber 2 drams, mix.

Pectoral Unguent.

Take yellow Wax 6 drams; Sperma Ceti, Oil of Mace express'd wach 2 drams; Oil of sweet Almonds 3 ounces; Oil of Nutmeg 16 drops; Oil of Cloves 8 drops: Mix.

Podagric Unguent.

Take black Soap 4 ounces; Barbadoes Tar, Hony each 1 ounce and half; and the white of one Egg: Mix.

Renale Unguent.

Take Ointment of Poplar 1 ounce and half; Oil of Scorpions, Juice of Limon each half an ounce; Opium 1 scruple; Camphir half a scruple: Make an Unguent, to be us'd to the Reins, in a Nephritic Fit.

Saponaceous Unguent.

Take Castile Soap 1 ounce and half; Oil of Tartar by deliquium 1 ounce; Fuller's Earth 3 drams; roots of white and black Hellebore each 1 dram and half; Elder Ointment (prepar'd with a mixture of Broom-flowers in it) 2 ounces: Mix.

Splanchnic Unguent.

Take Dialthea Unguent 2 ounces; gum Ammoniacum strain'd half an ounce; Oil of Juniper 20 drops; mix according to Art.

Splenetic Unguent.

Take gum Ammoniacum strain'd, half an ounce; Labdanum 2 drams; Hens-grease 1 ounce; Oil of Roses 4 ounces; juice of Hemlock 3 ounces; boil to the consumption of the Juice; at last, add (when it groweth cool) Balsam of Peru 2 drams.

Stomachic Unguent.

Take fine Venice Turpentine, spirits of Salt Armoniac, each I dram; Wax, Oil of Juniper each 2 drams; oil of Cloves 1 dram; oil of Mint 2 scruples; oil of Wormwood 1 scruple, mix with art. Its an elegant and noble Unguent, which I have experimented my...

Unguent de Bills.

Take white Ointment half an ounce; Camphire (ground with a few drops of Oil of Almonds) Flower of Sulphur, each 24 grains; Flower of Benjamin 12 grains; Queen of Hungary's Water 40 drops; Oil of Rhodium 8 drops; Oil of Cloves 4 drops. Make an Ointment.

Unguent for shrinking of the Sinews.

Take Nerve Ointment 1 ounce; Neats-foot Oil, Oil of Earth- worms, Bullocks-fat Marrow (that droppeth out of a boil'd Marrow- bone) each half an ounce; fine Turpentine 2 drams; liquid Storax, Sperma Ceti each 1 dram; Oil of Anniseed 12 drops: Mix up an...

Unguent for the Stone.

Take Ointment of Marsh Mallows 1 ounce; Oil of Turpentine and Anise each 1 scruple, mix.

Unguent to drive back Milk.

Take powder'd Alum half an ounce; Butter 2 ounces; Wax 2 drams, mix.