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The Pharmacopeia Extemporanea

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A Diuretic Vapour.

Take Horse Radish root pounded 8 ounces, put it into a Bottle with strong Beer 2 quarts; stop it up close, boil it in a Kettle of water, and then putting it in a Close-stool-chair, fit over it, as hot as may be endur'd.

A Pectoral Vapour.

Take Balsam of Tolu, Benjamin, each 2 drams; Hyssop, Penny- royal, each 1 handful; Aniseed half an ounce; boil in Milk 3 pints to 1 quart, at last add spirit of Salt Armoniac 2 drams, mix.

A Vapour for a Quinsy.

Take Pepper powder'd 1 ounce; Milk 1 quart, boil it to 1 pint and a half; put it into a glass Bottle with a small neck, and let the Reek be receiv'd, as hot as can be endur'd, with open Mouth.

A Vapour for the Ear.

Take Hellebore roots both white and black, of each one ounce; each one ounce; Juniper and Bayberries of each 6 drams; Cummin-seed half an ounce; Rue, Wormwood, Camomile flowers, each I handful; Water 3 pints; Vinegar 1 pint and a half, boil to 2 quarts...

A Vapour for the hemorrhoids.

Take Mullein, Henbane, each 4 handfuls, boilin Water 4 quarts to 3 quarts, and let the Vapour be received hot thro' a perforated Chair.


Wafers of Tamarinds.

Take Tamarinds 1 ounce; them in a Mortar with thin Mucilage of Gum Dragant, pass them thro' a pulping Sieve, dissolve also Spanish juice of Liquorice in the same sort of Mucilage 2 drams; mix, and make Troches as thin as Wafers to seal Letters; which dry...


Burdock water compound.

Take Roots of Burdock, Avens, Tormentil, Hounds tongue fresh gathered, each 4 ounces; Herbs of Ragwort, Herb Robert, Plantain, Celandine, Agrimony, Speedwel, Groung Ivy, Housteek, each 2 handfuls; seeds of sweet Fennel, Coriander, each 2 ounces; Whey 2...

Chalybeate Water.

Take clean Filings of Needles, and white Tartar powder'd, each 4 ounces; Spring water 1 gallon; stir it well together, and either let it stand cold 14 days; or (if you want it sooner) digest it three days in a moderate heat, in an Oven. Then carefully...

Horse-dung Water.

Take Brooklime, Water Cresses, Harts tongue each 3 handfuls; juicy Orange peels 3; Nutmeg 6 drams; succulent fresh Horse dung 3 pound; Whey 9 pints; juice of Scabions, Dandelion and Hyssop water, each 1 pint. Draw off the Water gently, in a cold Still,...

Juniper Water compound.

Take Juniper berries well bruised 12 ounces; Seeds of Anise, Caraway, Coriander, each one ounce; Brandy 6 quarts; Water (boil'd half away) 2 quarts; decrepitated Salt 4 ounces. Distil in an Alembic according to art.

Pectoral Snail Water.

Take Snails beaten to mash with their Shells 3 pound; Crumb of white Bread new bak'd 12 ounces; Nutmeg 6 drams; Ground-Ivy 6 handfuls, Whey 3 quarts; distil it in a cold Still, without burning.

Scorbutic Snail Water.

Take snails bruis'd with their Shells 3 pound, fresh Orange rinds 3 ounces; Brooklime, Water-cresses, Cleavers each 3 handfuls; Whey 3 quarts distil in a cold Still

Scelotyrbic Water.

Take Horse Radish and Arum roots, Orange-peel, each 3 ounces; Scurvygrass, Arsmart, each 6 handfuls; Water-cresses, Brooklime, Sage, Mint, each 3 handfuls; Nutmeg 3 drams; stale strong Beer 6 quarts; distil in an Alembic.

Water of Millepedes.

Take live Millepeds 1 pint and half; fresh Orange and Lemon Peel, each 3 ounces; white Bread 12 ounces; Nutmeg 6 drams; juice of Scabious and Cleavers, each 1 pint; Whey 3 quarts; Make Distillation.


Deoppilating Whey.

Take roots of sharp-pointed Dock and Polypodium each 4 ounces; Herbs liverwort, Agrimony, Succory, Hop tops each 2 handfuld; Juice of Fumitory 1 pint; Senna 1 ounce; Tamarinds 2 ounces; Whey 3 gallons: Boil to 2 gallons and strain.

Purging Whey.

Take white Briony roots 1 ounce; Senna, Agaric each half ounce; infuse in a lukewarmth for a Night, in Whey 1 pint half, in the Morning boil to 1 pint, adding, at last, Caraqay seed half an ounce; Manna 2 ounces; in the strain'd dissolve syrup of Mugwort...

Scorbutic Whey.

Take Scurvygrass, Plantain each 2 handfuls; Brooklime, Water-cresses, Fumitory, Sorrel each 1 handful; beat them in a marble Mortar, pour to them Whey 1 quart; strain out, and boil till it be well clarify'd.


1. hydropic Wine.

Take Florentine Orris 2 ounces; Elecampane, Squills, each half ounce; Elder and dwarf Elder rind, each 1 ounce; Winters bark 2 drams; Senna 2 ounces; black Hellebore, Agaric, Jalap, each 2 drams; White wine 2 quarts, infuse cold.

2. hydropic Wine.

Take dwarf Elder rind, Florentine Orris root, each 2 ounces; inner rind of black Alder dry'd 1 ounce and half; Elecampane, Squills, each half an ounce; Juniper-berries 2 drams and half; Jalap half an ounce; black Hellebore 2 drams; Senna 2 ounces, Salt of...

Bitter Cathartic Wine.

Take bitter Wine 1 pint; Senna 1 ounce; Rhubarb 2 drams; infuse cold, and strain.

Bitter Chalybeate Wine.

Take bitter Wine, and Chalybeate Wine, each 1 quart, mix.

Bitter Wine.

Take Whitewine 1 quart; Brandy 4 ounces; Gentian root 4 scruples; tops of Carduus, Centory, Camomile flowers, each 8 scruples; thin yellow Parings of Orange 2 drams; Mace, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cochineal, each 2 scruples; macerate cold till the Virtues of the...

Cathartic Wine.

Take Senna 2 ounces; white Tartar powder'd 8 scruples; White wine 1 quart; Brandy 4 ounces; macerate cold 3 days, and strain.

Chalybeate Wine.

Take clean Filings of Needles (without mixture of Pin-dust) 2 ounces; Juice of 8 sowr Oranges; Let it stand 24 hours, then add White wine 2 quarts; Cinnamon half an ounce; Cloves 2 drams; Mace 4 scruples; digest and strain. If it be done cold, the Wine...

Diuretic Wine.

Take Whitewine 1 quart; Salt of Wormwood 2 drams, mix.

Elecampane Wine.

Take green Elecampane root, white Sugar, Currants cut small, each 4 ounces; White wine 2 quarts, infuse cold.

Icteric Wine.

Take Turmeric powder'd 2 ounces; Saffron 2 scruples; Cochineal 4 scruples; Millepeds 320; Canary wine 2 pints and half, infuse cold.

Pectoral Wine.

Take Spanish Juice of Liquorice 1 ounce; Saffron 1 scruple; seeds of Coriander, Caraway, Anise, each 2 drams; salt of Tartar half an ounce; Penyroyal and Hyssop Waters each 4 ounces; Canary wine 1 quart, digest cold.

Scorbutic Wine.

Take Garden Scurvy-grass (dry gather'd and whole) 1 handful; Horse Radish root scrap'd half an ounce; Winters Bark powder'd grosly 2 drams; Arum water, White wine, each 1 pint. Let them stand cold 3 days.

Spirit of Wine rectify'd without heat.

Take good Brandy 10 ounces; Salt of Tartar calcined high 4 ounces; shake 'em well together in a Glass-bottle; so will the salt imbibe the phlegm of the Spirit, and sink to the bottom, and the limpid yellowish Spirit swim a-top, which decant, and add to it...

Stomach Wine.

Take Roots of Virginia Snake-weed and Gentian each 3 drams; Galengal, Cloves, Cubebs, Mace, Nutmeg, Saffron, each 1 dram; Cochineal half a dram; Canary wine 3 pints: Infuse cold.

Wine called Mirabile.

Take Canary (or rather Sherry) wine 1 quart; Cinnamon-water 4 ounces; Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, Cubebs, Cardamon, Galingal, Cochineal, Saffron, each 1 dram, digest cold and strain.