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A Cummin Bag.

Take Seeds of Cummin, Gromwel, each 2 ounces; Nigella 2 drams; Bay-Salt 6 drams; prapare for a Bag, which heat hot, and rub the Head with, and lay it hot upon the top of the Head.

Its useful against a Catarrh, Tumour of the Amygdals, relaxation of the Uvula, and Inflammation of the Throat.

Frenelius saith, Besides Serum within the Cranium, there's Excrement gathered in the external parts of the Head; especially under the Cutis of the Vertex, where the Vessels have their Extremities. For they grow Turgid with too much Serum or other Humour, they shed forth under the Skin that which they cannot carry off, and there it remains, because the thickness and closeness of the Cutis permits it not to Evaporate. And there's sometimes do great a Collection here, that it causes a soft Swelling, that manifestly heaves off the Pericranium from the Cranium. This is assuredly the Source, this the Matter of external Destillation, which I marvel none of the Ancients observ'd. Hence Rheumes fall into the Eyes, Cheek, Teeth, Neck, Shoulder-blades, Sides, Back, Loins, Hips, Thighs and all the Joints: And this is found to be the Cause of almost every external Pain. This being a singular Opinion of Frenelius, Carolus Piso de colluvie serosa, deserves reading:

I quote it that others may consider it.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710