Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Pharmacopoeia Extemporanea: A Foment with Bitters

A Foment with Bitters.

Take round Birthwort roots 1 ounce; common Wormwood dry'd, Lavender Cotton, Tansy, tops of Savine, each 1 handful; Bears foot half a handfuls; Coloquintida, Aloes, each 1 dram; make a Decoction in Water 3 pints to 1 quart, and strain.

Its no unusual thing, for Worm to creep into the Plicae of the Intestines, and lie and lurk there so closely and securely, as to elude the force, not only of altering, put purging Medicines also, which slip by, and never touch them at all. In this Case, Externals (and the Foment especially) are exceedingly useful, to disturb and drive them out of their Dens, into the open ways of the Intestines, where Purgers finding them, may kill and expel them by Siege.

Let it be used to the region of the Abdomen with Flannel Stupes hot, before Purging.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710