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A Lateral Foment.

It mollifies, discusses, eases Pain. Is certainly very helpful in a spurious, pituitous or flatulent Pleurisy, where the Matter lieth outward, and there's no great Inflammation, for it relaxeth the rigidly tense Fibrilla; quieteth the painfully agitated Spirirts, attenuateth thick Phlegm, discusseth vaporous Steams, and ad to the noxious Matter collected, it partly returneth it to Circulation, and partly calls it out by Diaphoresis. But in a true internal, furious Pleurisy, with bloody Spitting, and rushing afflux of unruly Blood, such a Foment is likely to do more hurt than good, because it may increase the afflux, and Inflammation.

Thomas Fuller
Pharmacopeia Extemporanea 1710